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Light sources are used to illuminate dark caves and dungeons. Some of these areas are inaccessible or very dangerous without a light source.

Most light sources are items that require certain Firemaking Firemaking levels to be lit. However, there are also certain equipable and stationary light sources.

Consequences of no light[edit | edit source]

After spending 9 seconds in a dark area without light source, there will be a warning message and after 18 seconds (30 ticks), the message "Tiny biting insects swarm all over you!" is displayed in the chatbox. Starting with that message, 1 damage per tick will be dealt in quick succession, which cannot be blocked with protection prayers. The damage will stop upon leaving the dark area or igniting a light source.

Note: The 18 seconds timer can be reset by logging out, however, it is not possible to log out after being damaged, as it is considered in-combat.

Players cannot attack without a light source in dark areas but can still be attacked.

Dark areas[edit | edit source]

Light source required[edit | edit source]

Light source optional[edit | edit source]

Ignition[edit | edit source]

Unlit light sources may be lit by using a tinderbox on them. Torches may also be lit with dry sticks. Each lightable item has a certain Firemaking Firemaking level requirement to be lit. Players may use spicy stews to boost their level with up to 5.

Empty oil lamps, empty oil lanterns and empty bullseye lanterns have to be filled with lamp oil before they can be lit. Lamp oil is made by distilling swamp tar at either the lamp oil still in the Chemist's house in Rimmington, or the lamp still next to Miltog in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Extinguishing[edit | edit source]

Light sources that have been lit can be extinguished at any time by the player, unless it is the only light source in a dark area. Some light sources can also forcibly be extinguished by several monsters and environmental effects:

  • Scarab mages can occasionally have all extinguishable light sources go out (Your lights have been magically extinguished.).
  • The giant mole might extinguish any candles, torches, or oil lamps when it digs away.
  • In the Sophanem Dungeon, falling into a scarab trap puts out every extinguishable light source.
  • Gas explosions will extinguish candles, torches, and oil lamps while dealing damage to the player.
  • Falling into water will douse all extinguishable light sources.

Gas explosions[edit | edit source]

The areas where gas explosions can occur in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Torches, candles and oil lamps will cause gas explosions in certain areas of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, as the flames are exposed to the gas.

Upon entering such area with one of these light sources, a message is displayed in the chat box; "Your [light source] flares brightly!". After roughly 4.2 seconds (7 ticks) in the area, a gas explosion occurs, dealing 25% of your total Hitpoints in damage. The light source will then also be extinguished.

Constructing the Fire of Eternal Light (after the Making Friends with My Arm quest) in the swamp caves will disable gas explosions. It also functions as a light source throughout the caves.

Light sources[edit | edit source]

Certain light sources do not have to be ignited, and may be equipped.

Each light source has a different level of brightness, which only visually changes how illuminated a dark area will be. There are three levels of brightness, and these will stack (for example, the brightness of three candles is equivalent to the brightness of one bullseye lantern).

Item Firemaking level
Brightness Ignites gas Extinguishable
by effects
Lit torch inventory image Torch 1 1 Yes Yes Can be lit with dry sticks, even in the water-filled chamber of the Haunted Mine.
Lit candle inventory image Candle 1 1 Yes Yes
Lit black candle inventory image Black candle 1 1 Yes Yes Obtainable only during the Merlin's Crystal quest
Candle lantern (lit white) inventory image White candle lantern 4 1 No Yes
Candle lantern (lit black) inventory image Black candle lantern 4 1 No Yes
Oil lamp (lit) inventory image Oil lamp 12 2 Yes Yes
Oil lantern (lit) inventory image Oil Lantern 26 2 No Yes
Bullseye lantern (lit) inventory image Bullseye Lantern 49 3 No No
Sapphire lantern (lit) inventory image Sapphire lantern 49 2 No No Created by adding a sapphire to a bullseye lantern. Used in the Tears of Guthix quest.
Emerald lantern (lit) inventory image Emerald lantern 49 3 No No Created by adding an emerald lens to a bullseye lantern. Used in the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Mining helmet (lit) inventory image Mining Helmet 65 2 No No Equippable.
Fire of Eternal Light inventory image Fire of Eternal Light 66 3 No N/A Completion of Making Friends With My Arm quest and Construction 35 Construction(boostable) required.
Permanent effects when built in: Falador Mole Lair, Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Mos Le'Harmless Cave.
Firemaking cape inventory image Firemaking cape 99 3 No N/A Equippable. Requires Firemaking 99 Firemaking to be bought.
Max cape inventory image Max cape 99 3 No N/A Equippable. Requires Skills 99 levels in all skills to be bought.
Kandarin headgear inventory image Any Kandarin headgear N/A 2 No N/A Equippable. Requires completion of at least the Kandarin easy diary.
Bruma torch inventory image Bruma torch N/A 2 No N/A Equippable. Obtainable as possible reward from Wintertodt.
Glowing fungus inventory image Glowing fungus N/A Unknown N/A N/A Only obtainable in the Abandoned Mine. Disintegrates if dropped or brought outside.
Abyssal lantern inventory image Abyssal lantern 1 3 No No Equippable. Obtainable as a reward from Guardians of the Rift.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
22 September 2021

If your light source is inextinguishable, you'll no longer get the extinguish warning when entering a dark area.

26 August 2020

Warning messages have been made more prominent when a light source is about to explode due to swamp gas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The bug lantern is not a light source despite its name. Its only use is for Slayer to kill Harpie Bug Swarms.
  • Combining multiple light sources increases the brightness, however a brightness level above 3 makes no difference.
  • Dungeons that require a light source are the only locations where it is possible to adjust the lighting without changing graphics options, a possible use for videomaking.
  • The city of Dorgesh-Kaan is kept alight by hundreds of magical lamps. Their lamps often break, which the player can repair with a light orbs for Firemaking experience, but the brightness level never goes down.