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Light sources are used by players via the Firemaking skill, in order to illuminate their way through dark caves and dungeons. Without them, some dungeons are pitch black and visibility is zero. The access to some dungeons is prohibited without a light source in hand. If a player attempts to extinguish extinguishable light sources in an area where they need it, the game will not let them. It is strongly recommended players use either a bullseye lantern or the Kandarin headgear (only the easy tasks are required, and it doesn't need to be worn) as a light source, as other light sources require care. If these are unavailable, a simple candle and tinderbox will do the job, three candles for full brightness in dark areas. Unshielded candles can be extinguished by failing a stepping stone obstacle in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, or very rarely may go out on their own after a long period of time in the caves, and may simply be relit. A naked flame (including candle lanterns, but not the oil lantern) can cause a gas explosion in certain areas of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. All light sources in the game are members-only.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

The absence of a light source while in a dark area triggers the following message:
You hear tiny insects skittering over the ground...

A few seconds later, another message appears, which says:
Tiny biting insects swarm all over you!

The player will then start to get multiple hits of 1 hitpoint or below very quickly until they die or relight their lamp. No Magic, item or Protection prayer can negate the damage. However certain Emotes, such as a skillcape emote, though unable to block the attacks, can temporarily slow their infliction. Once out of the movement phase of the emotes, you will get hit for the damage that you have missed while in the movements.

Players cannot attack without a light source in dark areas.

Gas explosion[edit | edit source]

Candles, torches and oil lamps can provoke an explosion in certain areas of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. A message displays in the chat box, "Your [light source] flares brightly!" and will explode in several seconds unless the player leaves the area, as it cannot be extinguished. The explosion extinguishes the light source and causes up to 23 hitpoints of damage. The southern, middle area of the cave (the direct route to the Chasm of Tears, without taking the easier route through the Lumbridge Castle basement) can be ran through safely without an explosion, however, players should be wary of the holes in the wall, stopping one square before them, before running to the other side to avoid being grabbed, which can deal damage comparable to an explosion.

Giant Mole[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, the Giant Mole will retreat by digging through the ground. If you stand near him while he's retreating, the mud from the ground will extinguish any unshielded light sources, and can rarely break candle lanterns. The bullseye lantern cannot be exinguished or broken from this. It is advised for players to set their respawn point to Falador and make sure they have a spare spade and light source in their bank if they decide to bring lanterns and no tinderbox, so they can run back and get their items upon death.

Dark dungeons[edit | edit source]

The following locations require light sources:

Types of light source[edit | edit source]

Apart from the bullseye lantern and the three equippable light sources (Bruma torch, Kandarin headgear, and Firemaking skillcape), light sources can go out from certain sources. Candles can very rarely be doused by a minor gust of cave wind. Moreover, the exposed flame could provoke an explosion of gas. Falling into the water also extinguishes the light, if one attempts but fails an Agility shortcut, such as the one in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Light source items all need a tinderbox to be lit, with the exception of torches which can also be lit with dry sticks. Most lit light sources cannot be traded unless they are extinguished.

Members can light lanterns to see in dimly lit underground dungeons. However, certain Firemaking levels are needed to light different kinds of lanterns. No experience is received when lighting a lantern. Some lanterns require glass, which can be made by using the Crafting skill.

There are three levels of brightness (1 being the lowest and 3 the highest) and the brightness does stack to add up to 3. Therefore, three torches are equivalent in light to one bullseye lantern.

Item Level to light Brightness Ignites gas? Notes
Lit torch.pngTorch 1 1 Yes Players can purchase torches in Dorgesh-Kaan, Keldagrim, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai village, Nardah and Yanille. The Sophanem guards will also sell a torch for 200gp. Interestingly, torches can be lit in the chamber filled with water in the Haunted Mine by rubbing dry sticks together and using them on the unlit torch.
Candle.pngCandle 1 1 Yes Players can purchase candles at Catherby's candle shop. One can also be purchased just outside of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves from the candle seller, but it will cost 1,000 coins and if taken into certain chambers it will set off an explosion. A lit candle can be found on the ground floor of the Ardougne Monastery.
Black candle.pngBlack candle 1 1 Yes Used during the Merlin's Crystal quest. It can be purchased from the Catherby candle shop afterwards, it acts the same as a regular candle.
Candle lantern (lit white).pngCandle lantern 4 1 No Players can craft candle lanterns or buy them from other players. There is almost no reason to use this light source, as a normal candle may be relit in certain scenarios where the lantern may break: The Giant Mole can rarely break it when retreating, straying from the correct path in the Dorgeshuun tunnel and falling down will usually break it, and failing stepping stones will sometimes break it.
Candle lantern (lit black).pngBlack candle lantern 4 1 No Made by using a black candle on a candle lantern, no additional effects.
Oil lamp (lit).pngOil lamp 12 2 Yes Can be crafted by players, or bought from other players. Requires periodic refilling, making it largely undesirable.
Oil lantern (lit).pngOil lantern 26 2 No Players can learn how to craft oil lanterns by talking to the candle seller at the Lumbridge Swamp.
Bullseye lantern (lit).pngBullseye lantern 49 3 No Players can craft bullseye lanterns or buy them from other players. This is the best inventory light source as it cannot be broken or involuntarily extinguished, nor will it ignite gas. It provides full brightness for dark areas.
Sapphire lantern (lit).pngSapphire lantern 49 2 No This lantern is created by taking a bullseye lantern and using a cut sapphire on it. It is mainly used for the Tears of Guthix quest.
Emerald lantern (lit).pngEmerald lantern 49 3 No This lantern is used during the Lunar Diplomacy quest. It functions no differently than the regular bullseye lantern.
Mining helmet (lit).pngMining helmet 65 2 No Mining helmets are dropped by level 11 cave goblin miners in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Players can also give a brooch to Mistag to obtain one. (Only works the first time.) The helmets are worn on a player's head. Once they are lit, they will not go out on their own, except in the water-filled chamber in the Haunted Mine quest and in the Sophanem Dungeon during the Contact! quest.
Firemaking cape.pngFiremaking cape 99 3 No The cape acts as a permanent light source and cannot be extinguished. It will function even while in the inventory. The Max cape has the same effect, as it inherits the effects of the cape.
Kandarin headgear 1.pngKandarin headgear (any) N/A 2 No Inextinguishable light source, can be worn on the head, but it will function even while in the inventory. This is the best light source along with the Bruma Torch for those who do not have or want a bullseye lantern, and the difference in brightness is nearly negligible. Requires completion of the easy Kandarin Diary.
Bruma torch.pngBruma torch N/A 2 No Equippable light source, acts the same way as Kandarin headgear (it works unequipped) but may instead be equipped in the mainhand slot. Acquired from the Wintertodt.
Fire of Eternal Light 66 (not boostable) + Construction 35 (boostable) 3 No Permanent light source which can be built at some places after completing Making Friends With My Arm.

Filling sources[edit | edit source]

One may acquire the empty or the filled version of the oil lamp, oil lantern and bullseye lantern. In order to fill them, one has to distill swamp tar in the chemist's in Rimmington or at the lamp stall in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Other kinds of light[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being a lantern, the bug lantern item cannot be used as a light source. It is used in the Slayer skill giving the ability to kill Harpie Bug Swarms. It requires 33 Slayer to wield.
  • The city of Dorgesh-Kaan is kept alight by hundreds of magical lamps. As these lamps often break, one needs to repair them with the help of light orbs. This is one way to gain some Firemaking experience.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although combining multiple level one or two light sources can increase their collective brightness, a total brightness level above 3 makes no difference.
  • Dungeons that require these are the only locations where you are able to adjust the lighting without changing graphics options, making it a possible tool for videomaking.
  • If you find yourself in a dungeon without a light source or a teleport (home teleport does not work when being attacked by bugs), you have a grace period of roughly 30 ticks (18 seconds) to get to an area where a light source is not required. Logging out resets the timer.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 August 2020
Warning messages have been made more prominent when a light source is about to explode due to swamp gas.