Limestone attack stone

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The limestone attack stone can be built in the Stone space of the Games room in a player-owned house. It requires 59 Construction to build and when built, it gives 200 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

The stone does not fight back, so this is similar to the combat dummy/undead combat dummy in the Combat Room without the effect of only hitting the player's current maximum hit. Players gain experience for only 2.5% of the damage dealt, in the skill of their attack style. No Hitpoints experience is rewarded for hitting the stone. To set up the stone, the player must right-click and select "Activate". While fighting the stone, it may chip off and deal damage to the player. The player who deals the most damage wins the game.

When a player tries to cast any stat lowering magic spell on the stone, the chat displays "You can't attack this npc."

Creation[edit | edit source]

Construction Construction59 (b)200
Member icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick101,510
Total Cost1,510
Limestone attack stone icon.pngLimestone attack stone1N/A