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Loot key
Loot key.png
Released23 February 2022 (Update)
Quest itemNo
DestroyThe loot inside will be destroyed with it!
ExamineContains the loot from a fallen enemy. Use it at the Loot Chest in the Ferox Enclave.
Value0 coins
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID26651,26652,26653,26654,26655
Loot key detail.png

Loot keys allows the player to retrieve the loot stored in the Loot Chest after defeating an opponent in a dangerous PvP activity. In order to receive loot keys instead of having the items dropped on the ground by the defeated opponents, the player must pay 1,000,000 coins to Skully in the Ferox Enclave and turn on the associated setting.

By default, loot key allows to retrieve all items that would be normally dropped by the opponent. Depending on the individual settings chosen by the player, the loot stored in the chest might contain all items except for food, all items below a specific value threshold, or a combination of those two options instead. The rest of the items filtered by the individual settings will be dropped to the ground as regular loot. Note that the bones of the killed opponent are always dropped on the ground, regardless of whether a loot key was received. Opening the Loot Chest requires entering a bank PIN.

Loot keys can be obtained both in the regular worlds within the Wilderness, as well as the PvP worlds. They are available to both free-to-play and member players.

When a player is killed by an opponent that is either in the process of dying or has died recently, their loot keys will be destroyed along with their contents and their loot will drop to the floor regardless of the loot key settings of the other player.

If the player's inventory is not full, a loot key will appear in the player's inventory immediately after killing the opponent along with the kill message. If the inventory is full, the key will drop to the ground instead. The key's loot value cannot be checked without picking it up. A dropped loot key can only be picked up by the player who has killed the opponent; otherwise the loot is lost. If the player already has 5 loot keys in the inventory, the loot will drop to the ground as if the option was turned off, and the player will receive the following message: You have reached the limit of 5 loot keys. If the opponent drops no loot, no key is given to the player or dropped on the ground.

After killing an opponent that has enough loot keys to put the player over the 5 key limit, some loot keys will be deleted so that the player does not have more than 5 at a time. Note that as long as the player does not have 5 keys in the inventory, the opponent's actual loot will also be received as a loot key, which might cause to delete further keys. This is why defeating an opponent that has 5 keys in the inventory with the loot keys enabled will cause one key to be removed, even if the killer has none.

Players in the Ironman Mode can unlock and receive loot keys, but they may not retrieve the loot themselves. However, they can still destroy or refuse to pick up the keys, effectively removing the loot from the game and preventing the opponents from getting back their items. They might also preview the looted items with the Loot Chest with the only option to destroy them. This is currently the only way for the Ironman players to dispose of or transfer the looted items.

Loot keys always take up 1 inventory space, regardless of the value or number of the looted items. They do not stack and cannot be banked or converted to bank notes. Additionally, loot keys can only be normally destroyed in the safe areas. Attempting to destroy a key with a total value above 30,000 coins within a dangerous area such as the Wilderness will fail with the following game chat message: Get to a safe area first! However, regardless of the location, the keys can be alched, yielding no coins. The value of the items deleted by disposing of the key through other means than the default Destroy option does not count towards the total value of the destroyed items reported by Skully. Note that unlike the settlement itself, the area around Ferox Enclave where players cannot be attacked unless they are Tele Blocked is not considered safe.

The effects of being unskulled and the Protect Item prayer apply only to the items in the inventory, but not associated with the loot keys themselves. As a consequence, loot keys are always dropped on death–in both PvP and PvM. If a player dies with loot keys in the inventory, they will either be transferred to the opponent if they are eligible to receive them, or removed instead.

The skull of a player holding loot keys changes accordingly to display the current number of held keys. However, loot key value has no effect on the appearance of the skull. If the player is unskulled, there is no way to tell how many keys they are holding.

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 June 2022

Loot Keys can now be destroyed within the Wilderness if they contain less than 30,000 coins worth of loot. There is a small delay to this process to discourage players from destroying loot during combat.

30 March 2022

Loot keys' despawn timer has been extended to two minutes, for consistency with other drops.

9 March 2022
  • The cost of unlocking the loot key was decreased from 5,000,000 coins to 1,000,000 coins. Players who have already unlocked the loot keys with the original price were reimbursed 4,000,000 coins deposited into their banks.
  • Loot Chests were added to the Grand Exchange, Edgeville bank and Mage Arena bank.
  • When players kill each other in a duel, one of the players no longer receives the entire loot. Instead, when a player is killed by an opponent that is either in the process of dying or has died recently, their loot keys will be destroyed and their loot will drop to the floor regardless of the loot key settings of the other player.
23 February 2022

The Revenant Caves fee is now included in the loot within the Loot Chest.

23 February 2022

If the player's inventory is full, the loot key will drop to the floor and the player will be able to pick it up normally without it being removed.