Lord Alexei Jovkai

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Lord Alexei Jovkai
Lord Alexei Jovkai.png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
LocationSouth-west Darkmeyer
QuestSins of the Father
ExamineThe hungry looking head of House Jovkai.
Advanced data
NPC ID9717
Lord Alexei Jovkai chathead.png

Lord Alexei Jovkai is a trueborn vampyre found in the south-western area of Darkmeyer. He is the head of House Jovkai. Vanstrom Klause believes that he has "weird tendencies", but this is due to him being a member of House Jovkai, who prefer the taste of love and as such treat their blood tithes with kindness and tenderness. He keeps his purchases in a prison north of the Arboretum.

Being one of the nobles of Darkmeyer, Jovkai was faced with a blood shortage. He intercepted the juvinate Mordan Nikazsi, offering to buy the slaves, Maria and Ron Gadderanks. Mordan agreed as he preferred to die a quick death rather than starve. This in turn prompted the Gadderanks' intended buyer, Desmodus Lasiurus to send the player to find out what happened to his slaves.

Knowing the shortage of human blood and his house's blood preference, Jovkai treated the Gadderanks with respect, offering them food, clothing and a place to stay in return for some blood from time to time. The player finds the Gadderanks but is caught by Jovkai, learning that they were meant for Desmodus, but shrugs him off as a nobody. The commotion then causes Vanstrom to enter, who recognizes the Gadderanks and orders him to return the slaves to Desmodus. Although Jovkai tries to defend his purchase by stating that they would be better off with him, he is forced to comply and is left without a supply of fresh blood.