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Lord Daquarius Rennard is the current lord of the Kinshra also called the Black Knights. He was unanimously elected Lord of the Kinshra, making him the youngest to ever gain leadership.

Daquarius is held in high regard by ally and enemy alike, he is generally seen as a fair and noble leader. He came to power after the death of his predecessor Lord Shadwell. Since then, he has been involved in many Kinshra affairs, several of which involved attempts to conquer Falador.

He can be found in southwestern-most room of the Kinshra Headquarters in Taverley Dungeon.

Daquarius, as leader of the Kinshra, is a Zamorakian, a religion based around chaos as opposed to that of the Saradominists, which is based around order. However, Daquarius has proven time and time again his difference from past Kinshra Lords such as Shadwell, risking his own life to save his fellow men.[1] Called "undeniably noble," he is well-liked amongst his men and respected by his enemies. The forces of Falador have commented that they are glad he is the current Lord of the Kinshra, being less radical than past ones. Daquarius will also form alliances with enemies to defeat a common foe, albeit uneasily.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 October 2005
  • The "Attack" option was removed.
  • The NPC's combat level of 68 was removed.
  • The NPC now always appears above players standing in the same tile.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was originally attackable up until the release of the Wanted! quest.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Commorb v2, "Wanted!", Old School RuneScape. "Those of us who survived the Edgeville incident and recall what the Black Knights activities under Lord Shadwell were like, can see that Lord Daquarius is better to keep around than risk another fanatical extremist taking his place. For all of his misguided belief in Zamorak, Daquarius is an undeniably noble man; we have numerous reports of him risking personal injury so that he may save a fellow Kinshra from harm or death."

Predecessor Title Successor
Lord Shadwell Lord of the Kinshra Incumbent