Lord Kandur Hosidius

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Lord Kandur Hosidius
Lord Kandur Hosidius.png
Released9 November 2017 (Update)
QuestThe Depths of Despair,
A Kingdom Divided
ExamineThe lord of Hosidius.
Advanced data
NPC ID10966, 10970, 10971, 11033
Lord Kandur Hosidius chathead.png
King Kandur Hosidius chathead.png

Lord Kandur Hosidius is the leader of the Hosidius House. He has two sons, Artur and Pandur Hosidius, and a wife named Elena Hosidius. As Elena is Lord Shiro Shayzien's sister, he is Kandur's brother-in-law.

During The Depths of Despair quest, players must help him find his son, Artur.

During A Kingdom Divided, he is crowned the new king of Kourend, but is shortly assassinated after his crowning ceremony, thus making his oldest son, Artur, the new king of Kourend.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Predecessor Title Successor
Eventually King Hosidius V Leader of Hosidius Pandur Hosidius
Predecessor Title Successor
Kourend Council Ruler of Great Kourend Artur Hosidius