Lord Trobin Arceuus

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Lord Trobin Arceuus
Lord Trobin Arceuus.png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
RaceCitizen of Arceuus
LocationTower of Magic,
Xeric's Lookout (during A Kingdom Divided)
QuestThe Ascent of Arceuus,
A Kingdom Divided
ExamineLeader of the Arceuus family.
Advanced data
NPC ID8505, 10961, 10962
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Lord Trobin Arceuus is the leader of Arceuus and the father of Asteros Arceuus. He is encountered during The Ascent of Arceuus quest.

History[edit | edit source]

As Lord Arceuus[edit | edit source]

Trobin has had the title of leader of Arceuus for over a thousand years, and as a result has become witness to many of Kourend's most historic moments including the deposition of King Agata IV, the construction of Kourend Castle by Kharedst the Builder, and the execution of Emperor Imafore during the Kourend-Varlamore War.

During the reign of King Byrne II 900 years ago, Trobin found the secret of immortality, which was shown to him by the Tasakaal in order to save his wife, who was dying of an unknown illness. After saving her, he went to his people and offered them the choice of taking it. Ones that accepted were granted new bodies to sustain their souls. Because of this, the Tasakaal despise him for it, claiming that he misused the knowledge they gave him.

He, along with his people, work to free any lost souls that might find themselves trapped after death. For this reason, the Tasakaal tolerate their immortality, as they aid them in bringing about the balance between life and death.

Troubles[edit | edit source]

While continuing his work, Trobin sensed a massive fluctuation of power from the Dark Altar before it catastrophically failed. Being the strongest of House Arceuus, Trobin was able to divert the little power he could gather through himself, preventing him and his people from dying. However, he was too late to save Thana, resulting in the first death in the house in thousands of years.

Trobin's son, Asteros, was informed of the death by a passing adventurer and sent them off to find the Tasakaal before Trobin's strength faltered. Fortunately, the adventurer was able to convince the Tasakaal to help, and destroyed the source causing the fluctuation. Trobin sensed the power return to normal and broke out of his trance, before meeting and thanking the adventurer for saving him and his people. He was particularly worried about who would have sabotaged the Dark Altar and proceeded to have his people study the device.

More Troubles[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately for Trobin, these were just the start of his worries. Soon after, the adventurer informed him that the Kourend Council was responsible for the deaths of King Kharedst IV and Rose, along with finding a ghostly entity named Xamphur. Trobin, recalling that Xamphur was the name of one of Xeric's most closest allies, found this worrisome and sent the adventurer to the Tasakaal to confirm the identity, which they did. The Tasakaal also informed the adventurer that a Pyromancer had colluded with Xamphur to sabotage the Doors of Dinh. They then returned to Trobin with the news, who was particularly worried about both revelations.

After the crowning of Kandur and his son Artur Hosidius after the former was assassinated, Trobin sent his people to investigate Xamphur's chambers for evidence. They found various spells and used them, but some of them were deemed too dangerous for general use. Trobin sent the ones that were safe to the adventurer as a reward. He also had the Pyromancers investigated and told the adventurer that he would contact them when new leads came up for either issue.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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