Lord of the Kinshra

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Lord of the Kinshra is a title granted to the leader of the Kinshra, a Zamorakian knightly order based around Asgarnia. Kinshra lords are, in theory, elected by the order, although in the past some have risen to power through tolerated violence.

The first Kinshra lords were likely those that established the order near the end of the Fourth Age, prior to the founding of Asgarnia. After helping King Raddallin and the White Knights to establish Asgarnia and its capital, Falador, Kinshra lords held considerable political weight within the nation.

In 163, the Kinshra were declared to have no political power within Asgarnia following the illness of King Vallance and the rise of the White Knights. Since then, the Kinshra lords have mainly wielded power within only the Kinshra order.

Known Kinshra lords[edit | edit source]