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Lores and Histories is a compilation of tomes kept by Reldo, the Royal Librarian of Varrock. The lores are all restored tomes that tell the story of RuneScape's past, whether it be through folklore or the diary of an adventurer.

Some of these are verified to accurately express histories of RuneScape, while others are mythologies related to true people and events in which the accuracy is not guaranteed. The Lores and Histories formerly also included the Tales from the Tavern but these were removed some time prior to 2 April 2007 and replaced by the Postbag from the Hedge and other player-submitted writings.

King Roald of Varrock has gratefully agreed to be Patron to my efforts to create a full, true, and accurate history of this world in which we live. I have made a start by opening two new sections available to the public; the official histories page, and the tales from the tavern.

Please be advised if checking out any manuscripts or documents that they are to be returned on time, and late fees will be deducted at a rate of 2 gold per day. I also ask visitors to keep the noise down in the research areas, or their library card may be revoked.

— Reldo

The Lores and Histories section was removed from the RuneScape website in 2019.

Lores[edit | edit source]

Title Author Released
Foreword by Reldo Unknown 2003
A Brief History of RuneScape Unknown 16 October 2003
Gnomic Negotiations Unknown 2003
A True and Concise History of the Discovery of the Runes Unknown 29 October 2003
Spirit of the Pass Unknown 29 October 2003
The Legend of Arrav Unknown (Part I and II)
Luke M (Part III and IV)
16 October 2003 (Part I)
2003 (Part II)
29 May 2007 (Part III and IV)
The Fall of Six Stephen R 24 July 2007

Histories[edit | edit source]

Title Author Released
History of RuneScape Unknown 10 August 2006

Kourend Chronicles[edit | edit source]

The Kourend Chronicles are a compilation of stories relating to the first six quests of the Great Kourend quest series. The stories, which were released weekly in anticipation of the release of A Kingdom Divided, take place sometime before or after the player's intervention in their respective quests. Whilst they are not official Lores kept by Reldo, they are similar in nature otherwise.

Uncover Kourend's murky past and see another side to your adventures in Kourend Chronicles, a six-part series packed with new lore from your favourite continent. Check back each week for more stories, and keep your eyes peeled - we've sprinkled in a few cheeky hints for Kourend's future...
Title Released
A Curious Client 18 May 2021
Lab Notes 21 May 2021
The Plot And The Potion 27 May 2021
A Kingdom United 2 June 2021
The Man In The Tower 8 June 2021
The Ascent 15 June 2021