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Kourend Favour.png
The Kourend Favour interface found within the Quest List interface.

Kourend Favour, also simply called Favour, is a members-only system in Great Kourend that allows players to gain reputation with the five houses ruling the kingdom. Earning favour will unlock many useful privileges, such as access to the Arceuus spellbook with 60% Arceuus favour and access to the Hosidius kitchen ranges with 100% Hosidius favour.

There is a wide range of activities a player can do to earn favour. Activities that reward favour are marked on the minimap with the Kourend task icon.png icon. More activites will become available once the player earns enough favour with the corresponding house.

Arceuus[edit | edit source]

Earning Arceuus Favour[edit | edit source]

% Activity Skills required Favour earned Extra rewards
0% Searching texts in the Arceuus Library N/A 2.5% per text delivered Book of arcane knowledge per text or manuscript delivered
20% Searching manuscripts in the library N/A 5% per manuscript delivered
20% The Ascent of Arceuus quest Hunter 12 Hunter 10% upon quest completion 500 Runecraft and 1,500 Hunter experience, 2000 coins and 1 Quest points Quest point
25% Mining dense essence blocks Mining 38 Mining
Crafting 38 Crafting
0.1% per block handed in 12 Mining and 8 Crafting experience per block mined
60% Reanimating ensouled heads Magic 16-90 Magic 0.5%–2.0% upon reanimation depending on the head used 32–170 Magic experience for casting the spell and 130–1,560 Prayer experience when killing the reanimated monster
Arceuus symbol.png

Searching texts and manuscripts[edit | edit source]

Locations of Arceuus activities.

Assisting the customers of the Arceuus Library is the fastest and most inexpensive way of earning favour, has no requirements and offers great experience rewards. You can speak with any of the customers on the center ground floor of the library to help them find a book or scroll in one of the many bookcases. Delivering this text to the customer grants 2.5% Arceuus favour and a book of arcane knowledge, which rewards Magic or Runecraft experience based on the current level in the chosen skill. This activity will prove as a great alternative method of training these skills, especially for Ironmen who wish to preserve their runes.

You can only assist one customer at once, and cannot help the same one twice in a row. It is highly recommended to keep all texts found in the library in your inventory, to save time running around in case the next customer wants one of these. Stamina or energy potions and weight-reducing clothing are a must-have for this activity.

When reaching 20% Arceuus favour, you may also assist Horphis, another customer on the ground floor, in finding certain manuscripts. This functions the same as searching the texts, however you can collect and deliver multiple at once. Delivering these manuscripts to Horphis will grant 5% favour and a book of arcane knowledge per manuscript.

You may speak to Biblia, who roams the top floor of the library, to narrow down in what room the texts or manuscripts are. Note that the locations of all texts in the library change every 80-100 minutes, and vary between players and worlds. The RuneLite client has a plugin that will show the locations of all texts in the library after finding a few.

Mining dense essence blocks[edit | edit source]

Dense essence blocks can be mined at the dense essence mine if all requirements are met. Note that the skills may be boosted. Players require both a chisel and pickaxe to mine the blocks. These blocks can be handed in to Clerris to earn 0.1% Arceuus favour per block, although this is not recommended due to the slowness and lack of additional rewards of this method.

With 100% Arceuus favour, dense essence blocks may be used on the Dark Altar to turn them into dark essence blocks. Dark essence blocks are used in making Arceuus teleport tablets, or fragmented with a chisel to be used in runecrafting blood runes and soul runes with sufficient Runecraft levels.

Reanimating ensouled heads[edit | edit source]

Dark Altar.png

Ensouled heads can be reanimated with reanimation spells, which require runes and the Arceuus spellbook to be cast. The spellbook can be selected for free by talking to Tyss nearby the Dark Altar. Tyss can then also be asked to switch the spellbook back to the standard spellbook.

Ensouled heads must be reanimated either within a 31x31 of where they were dropped, or anywhere around the Dark Altar. Reanimation grants 0.5%–1.5% Arceuus favour and summons a reanimated monster that is always aggressive to the player, with equal or lower combat stats than when it was alive. Be aware that the reanimated dragon will still attack with dragonfire. Defeating a reanimated monster grants 130–1,560 Prayer experience depending on the monster slain.

Wearing Zealot's robes has a 1.25% chance per piece, or 5% with the full set, to not consume an ensouled head when reanimating.

Arceuus favour rewards[edit | edit source]

% Reward
20% Access to Thyria's Wares and Filamina's Wares
60% Access to the Arceuus Spellbook
100% Craft Arceuus teleport tablets with sufficient Magic Magic
100% Claim the Arceuus signet to construct dark and occult altars in the player-owned house with Construction 80/90 Construction
100% Craft blood runes and soul runes from dark essence fragments with Runecraft 77/90 Runecraft

Hosidius[edit | edit source]

Earning Hosidius Favour[edit | edit source]

% Activity Skills required Favour earned Extra rewards
0% Ploughing fields N/A 12% chance every tile for 0.2% favour 10 Crafting experience per repair, and 6% chance based on Strength level for 10 Farming experience drops while ploughing
5% Making sulphurous fertiliser N/A 0.1% per fertiliser given to the clerk 2 Farming experience per fertiliser made
20% The Depths of Despair quest Agility 18 Agility 10% upon quest completion 1,500 Agility experience, 4,000 coins and 1 Quest points Quest point
45% Cooking in the Mess Cooking 20–65 Cooking 0.6% per food served 163–377 Cooking experience depending on the type of food served
65% Planting grape seeds in the vinery Farming 36 Farming 0.8% per seed planted 31.5 Farming experience when planting a seed, 625 upon checking the grown plant and 40 per harvest
Hosidius symbol.png

Ploughing fields[edit | edit source]

Locations of Hosidius activities.

There are two fields to the south of Hosidius with interactable ploughs on them. You can select them to automatically plough to the end of the strip, every tile moved has an approximate 12% chance to yield 0.2% Hosidius favour and there is a 6% chance based on Strength level for 10 Farming experience.[1] These ploughs will break frequently, and a hammer is required to repair them, also granting 10 Crafting experience in the process.

Making sulphurous fertiliser[edit | edit source]

Sulphurous fertiliser can be made at 5% Hosidius favour by combining compost and saltpetre, yielding 2 Farming experience per bucket made. You can then speak to the Clerk south-west of Hosidius to donate all fertiliser in both inventory and bank, at once, for 0.1% favour per bucket. Sulphurous fertiliser has no uses apart from granting favour.

This is a very low-effort albeit slow method of earning favour. It would take 850 compost and saltpetre to reach 90%, then do depths of despair for the last 10%. starting from 5%, costing 35,150 if bought from the Grand Exchange.

Cooking in the Mess[edit | edit source]

Cooking food for Shayzien soldiers in the Mess is a relatively fast way of earning favour. This activity, which requires 45% favour, requires no items, as all the ingredients will be provided in the kitchen in unlimited amounts. Note that food from the Mess cannot be consumed, sold or alched.

There are three types of food the player can make in the Mess; meat pies, stews and pineapple pizzas. These foods respectively require 20, 25 and 65 levels in Cooking. See Making the Food for the list of recipes. When finishing making a food, deliver it to a buffet table to earn 0.6% Hosidius favour and 163–377 Cooking experience per food served.

The Mess interface shows the soldiers' appreciation for the types of food, which lowers for a food if it is too repeatedly served, causing it to grant less favour and experience. This can be ignored by switching worlds.

Grape seeds[edit | edit source]

Grape vine stage 8.png

With 65% Hosidius favour and 36 Farming, you can plant grape seeds in the vinery south-east of Hosidius. Apart from the seed itself, this requires a seed dibber, gardening trowel and one saltpetre for every seed planted. A spade is needed to dig up dead vines. There are 12 vine patches. Grape vines take 35 minutes to grow and will never catch diseases.

Planting a grape seed grants 0.8% favour and 31.5 Farming experience. Fully growing a grape vine only grants Farming experience (625 for checking the vine and 40 per grape harvested). Each grape vine always yields 5 or more grapes, thus at least 856.5 Farming experience is gained per grape seed. Planting and harvesting on all twelve vine patches grants a total of 9.6% Hosidius favour and at least 10,278 Farming experience.

Grape seeds can be bought at the Grand Exchange for 589 each, or from Farmer Gricoller's Rewards for two Tithe Farm minigame points.

Hosidius favour rewards[edit | edit source]

% Reward
15% Steal from the Hosidius fruit stall with Thieving 25 Thieving
35% Plant a spirit sapling in the patch south-east of the Forthos Ruin with Farming 83 Farming
50% The farming patches just south of Hosidius will be permanently protected from disease
60% Access to the Farming Guild with Farming 45 Farming
65% Plant grape seeds in the vinery with Farming 36 Farming
75% Access to the Woodcutting Guild with Woodcutting 60 Woodcutting
100% Access to the Tithe Farm minigame with Farming 34 Farming
100% Access to the ranges in the Hosidius kitchen, which are only six tiles from a bank chest and provide an additive 5% increased chance of success over standard cooking ranges.
This chance is further increased to 10% with the completion of the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Lovakengj[edit | edit source]

Earning Lovakengj Favour[edit | edit source]

% Activity Skills required Favour earned Extra rewards
0% Mining volcanic sulphur and crafting dynamite
Dynamite is made with the sulphur, juniper charcoal, saltpetre, a pot and a ball of wool
Mining 42 Mining
Optional: Woodcutting 42 Woodcutting
Volcanic sulphur has a 1 in 3 chance for 0.1% and 0.1% per dynamite constructed 25 Mining experience per sulphur mined and 35 Woodcutting experience per juniper log chopped
20% The Forsaken Tower quest N/A 10% upon quest completion 500 Mining and 500 Smithing experience, 6,000 coins and 1 Quest points Quest point


Smithing Shayzien supply armour
Better armour can be made at 40%, 50%, 60% and 70% favour
Smithing 45–93 Smithing
Mining 65 Mining
0.1%-2.0% per invidual piece handed in, or 1.5%-7.5% per full Shayzien supply crate 10–40 Smithing experience when making a piece of armour, 10 Mining experience per Lovakite ore mined, and up to 675 Mining and 2,400 Smithing experience per full armour set delivered
65% Setting up the Lovakengj Minecart Network N/A 5% per destination unlocked, for a total of 25% N/A
Lovakengj symbol.png

Mining sulphur and making dynamite[edit | edit source]

Locations of Lovakengj activities.

Volcanic sulphur can be found in the sulphur mine, requiring 42 Mining, a pickaxe and a face mask, slayer helmet or gas mask. The mine is a rather dangerous place due to the many gas clouds floating around. Without facial protection, these can rapidly kill the player. Even with facial protection, the gas clouds will still deal 1–2 damage per tick to adjacent players, so food is recommended in this mine.

Volcanic sulphur can be mined in quick succession, but each sulphur mined only grants 0.033% Lovakengj favour. It is possible, but tedious, to earn 100% favour solely by mining, as this requires mining a total of 3031 sulphur. Reaching 65% favour with mining, after which The Forsaken Tower quest and the Lovakengj Minecart Network can be accessed for the remaining 35%, would require mining 1970 sulphur.

To earn more favour with volcanic sulphur however, it should be used to craft dynamite, granting 0.1% favour per dynamite made. Dynamite is created by combining volcanic sulphur, juniper charcoal, saltpetre and a pot, finished with a ball of wool. These materials will all be consumed when making the dynamite. Volcanic sulphur and juniper charcoal are untradable and not sold in any stores. Juniper charcoal can be obtained by chopping mature juniper trees south-west of Hosidius with 42 Woodcutting, and then adding the juniper logs to the charcoal furnaces located further to the south. Ironmen can collect pots from the Culinaromancer's Chest and balls of wool from Neitiznot supplies, both of which are next to banks.

There are two furnaces, and each holds up to 60 logs at a time. These furnaces are lit with a tinderbox. Smoggy, the dwarf that operates the furnaces, has to be paid a fee of 600 coins when lighting a furnace. It takes 16 passive hours before the logs are burned to charcoal, thus this method is not recommended when attempting to gain favour fast. Each log burnt will give 50 stackable charcoal. With all required materials in the inventory, you can combine them anywhere to make the dynamite and earn the Lovakengj favour.

To reach 65% favour by making dynamite, including the favour gained for mining volcanic sulphur, you will need to make a total of 489 dynamite. Thus, this requires 10 juniper logs and 489 of each volcanic sulphur, saltpetre, pots and balls of wool. If the latter three items are bought from the Grand Exchange, it would cost 25,917.

Smithing supply armour[edit | edit source]

With 30% Lovakengj favour, smithing Shayzien supply armour is a faster alternative method to earning favour with Lovakengj, although it has relatively high skill requirements. This armour is made with lovakite bars, smelted from lovakite ore, a unique type of ore that requires a pickaxe and 65 Mining to obtain. Smelting a bar requires one lovakite ore, two coal and 45 Smithing, whereas the armour pieces require up to 93 Smithing to make.

Supply armour can be handed in to the armourer of that tier to receive Lovakengj favour and additional Mining and Smithing experience. Handing in a full set of supply armour, placed in a Shayzien supply crate, will grant significantly more favour and experience than if those pieces were handed in individually. Delivering higher tier armour grants more favour and experience as well.

In contrast with the Shayzien armour obtained from challenging soldiers in the Shayzien Combat Ring, this armour cannot be worn by the player.

Setting up the minecart network[edit | edit source]

Minecart control scroll detail.png

After reaching 65% Lovakengj favour, you will gain access to the Lovakengj Minecart Network. However, it first has to be set up. You can speak to Miriam to receive five minecart control scrolls that have to be delivered to the other locations of the network in order to unlock them. See Lovakengj Minecart Network for the locations of these stations. Delivering a scroll to a station grants 5% Lovakengj favour, for a total of 25% favour when all locations are unlocked. The network can be used at a cost of 50 coins per ride, or a one-time fee of 100,000 coins.

Lovakengj favour rewards[edit | edit source]

% Reward
15% Access to Thirus Urkar's Fine Dynamite Store
30% Access to mining rocks in Lovakengj Mine
65% Access to the Lovakengj Minecart Network, after setting it up
100% Access to the Blast mine with Mining 43 Mining

Piscarilius[edit | edit source]

Earning Piscarilius Favour[edit | edit source]

% Activity Skills required Favour earned Extra rewards
0% Repairing fishing cranes Crafting 30 Crafting 0.5% per repair Three times the player's Crafting level as experience for that skill, per repair
15% Bringing fresh fish to Frankie Fishing 15 Fishing 20% chance for 0.1% when delivering 2 or more fresh fish 10 Fishing experience for each additional fish per delivery
20% The Queen of Thieves quest Thieving 20 Thieving 10% upon quest completion 2,000 Thieving experience, access to the Warrens, 2,000 coins and 1 Quest points Quest point
30% Hunting sandworms Hunter 15 Hunter 50% chance of 0.8% per bucket of sandworms delivered 10 Hunter experience per successful dig
75% Stealing artefacts Thieving 49 Thieving 2% per successful heist 750 Thieving experience per lockpick, and some coins alongside an amount of Thieving
experience equal to 40 times your level in that skill upon successfully securing an artefact
Port Piscarilius symbol.png

Repairing fishing cranes[edit | edit source]

Locations of Port Piscarilius activities.

Throughout Port Piscarilius, there are five fishing cranes that are constantly in need of repair. You'll require a hammer, three regular planks and at least 9 nails to fix them. The nails will bend easily, thus more are recommended. Higher Construction levels and better types of nails reduce the chance of them bending. Interestingly, a Crafting level of at least 30 is required to repair the cranes, while there is no Construction level requirement.

Fishing cranes are repaired faster the more people are working on them, including the dock worker. 0.5% Piscarilius favour is granted per successful repair.

Because of the expenses of this method, it is recommended to skip this activity and instead complete the Client of Kourend quest, choosing to gain 20% favour with Port Piscarilius.

Hauling fresh fish[edit | edit source]

Fresh fish can be gathered from fish barrels around Port Piscarilius, respawning every few seconds. Delivering these fish to Frankie's cooling chest grants some low amounts of Piscarilius favour and Fishing experience.

Fish rot away after about a minute in the inventory. Therefore it is only possible to haul around 20 fish at a time.

Hunting sandworms[edit | edit source]

Hunting sandworms is by far the most efficient method of earning favour with Port Piscarilius. Sandworms can be found in the north-east of Port Piscarilius, and can be dug up with a spade while having an empty bucket to put them in. Failing to catch sandworms will result in a bucket of sand, which can be emptied again.

The buckets of sandworms can be given to Tynan, just south of the hunting place, with a 50% chance for each bucket to yield 0.8% Piscarilius favour, for about 0.4% Piscarilius favour per bucket on average. Tynan will only accept deliveries of at least five buckets. He also happens to sell empty buckets for only two coins, saving you trips to the bank. The most optimal inventory for this activity therefore consists of a spade, several hundreds of coins and 26 inventory slots available for the buckets.

Stealing artefacts[edit | edit source]

Stolen family heirloom detail.png

With 75% favour and 49 Thieving, you can assist Captain Khaled in stealing artefacts from houses in the west of Port Piscarilius, the richer part of town. A lockpick is required for this activity.

The captain will instruct you to one of the six houses, where you can lockpick a container for an artefact and 750 Thieving experience. You cannot teleport or log out with this artefact, else it will be lost. Getting caught by one of the many roaming guards will also cause you to lose the artefact, requiring you to gain a new task from Khaled. Successfully returning to the captain with the artefact grants a large amount of Thieving experience and some coins, as well as 2% Port Piscarilius favour. See the Paths section to learn the movement of the guards.

With some stamina potions and weight-reducing clothing, doing this activity is an excellent way to train Thieving.

Piscarilius favour rewards[edit | edit source]

% Reward
20% Access to Kenelme's Wares
30% Access to the Frankie's Fishing Emporium, with better fish being available with more favour (sharks at 100%)
100% Catch anglerfish with Fishing 82 Fishing

Shayzien[edit | edit source]

Earning Shayzien Favour[edit | edit source]

% Activity Skills required Favour earned Extra rewards
0% Healing wounded soldiers N/A 0.2% per soldier healed N/A
5% Killing lizardmen and lizardman brutes inside the Lizardman Canyon
Kills outside the Canyon grant no favour -- these monsters are level 53-75 and inflict poison
N/A 0.1% per kill Several valuable items from drops, including Xeric's Talisman
20% The Tale of the Righteous quest Strength 16 Strength
Mining 10 Mining
10% upon quest completion 8,000 coins and 1 Quest points Quest point
40% Tackling organised crime N/A Respectively 2% and 10% per gangster and gang boss killed Several valuable items from drops, including Intelligence,
which can be traded for a training manual


Challenging soldiers in the Shayzien Combat Ring in melee combat
Higher tier soldiers can be fought at 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% favour
Defence 20 Defence 0.4%-1.0% depending on the tier of soldier defeated Unowned Shayzien armour piece per victory
Shayzien symbol.png

Healing wounded soldiers[edit | edit source]

Locations of Shayzien activities.

Several wounded soldiers can be found in tents in the south of the Shayzien Encampment. They can be healed when the player talks to them, while having a Shayzien medpack in the inventory, granting 0.2% Shayzien favour per soldier healed. The medpacks can be taken from crates nearby the wounded soldiers. Because of the strong lizardmen poison, it only takes a minute before the soldiers require aid again.

This is the only method of earning Shayzien favour without engaging in combat. While slow, the player can heal 500 wounded soldiers to earn 100% favour with Shayzien this way.

Fighting lizardmen[edit | edit source]

With 5% Shayzien favour you can assist the Shayzien army in the Lizardman Canyon by killing lizardmen and lizardman brutes for 0.1% Shayzien favour per kill. Only kills within this Canyon grant favour. The lizardmen and lizardman brutes have combat levels of respectively 53 and 75, and apply poison (3 damage) to their targets. Decent combat gear, food and antipoisons are recommended when fighting them.

Both lizardmen and lizardman brutes have a 1/250 chance to drop Xeric's Talisman, doubling to 1/125 with completion of the easy Kourend & Kebos Diary. This talisman provides teleports to several locations around Great Kourend when charged with lizardman fangs. It is advised to kill the lizardmen until you at least obtain this talisman. With 72 Construction, it can be hung inside the Portal Nexus room in the player-owned house, providing unlimited free teleports.

You can use the nearby bank in the Shayzien Encampment to restock on food when needed. The dwarf multicannon is an outstanding tool in killing the lizardmen.

Tackling organised crime[edit | edit source]

With 40% Shayzien favour, players are allowed to tackle organised crime, an activity that can offer very large amounts of combat experience, favour and valuable items. The noticeboard in Captain Ginea's tent will provide the location and time of the next gang meeting, if there is one within a few minutes. Gang meetings will take place every 30 minutes in a random location that varies per world, at different times, allowing players to switch worlds to possibly encounter another gang meeting in the same location there. Certain worlds have coordinated times and locations, guaranteeing multiple gang meetings by switching worlds.

When a gang meeting commences, a gang boss and several gangsters will spawn at the given location. They will remain there for five minutes before disappearing, unless they are locked in combat. Killing a gangster grants 2% Shayzien favour while a gang boss grants 10%. They commonly drop valuable items, including cosmic runes and noted mahogany planks.

Gang bosses will additionally always drop Intelligence, and gangsters have a 20% chance to drop it. Intelligence can be traded with Captain Ginea for a training manual, which grants experience in either Hitpoints, Attack, Strength or Defence depending on your current level in the chosen skill.

Dueling soldiers[edit | edit source]

Shayzien body (5) detail.png

Soldiers in the Shayzien Combat Ring can be challenged in melee combat, once the requirements are reached. There are five tiers of soldiers, with only the first tier being available at the start. To challenge a soldier of a higher tier, you must earn enough favour and own all armour pieces of the previous tier. There are five pieces to an armour set in total, and defeated soldiers will always drop an unowned piece of armour of their tier.

Beware that you can die in this combat ring, although you can leave the ring at any moment. While Ranged and Magic cannot be used in the arena, Prayer is allowed. Alongside a piece of armour, defeating a soldier will grant 0.4%-1.0% Shayzien favour depending on their tier, with the fifth tier granting no favour since 100% Shayzien favour is already required to challenge them.

Shayzien favour rewards[edit | edit source]

% Reward
20% Access to Briget's Weapons and Blair's Armour
100% Kill lizardman shamans which may drop dragon warhammers

Additional rewards[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
7 February 2019

Players will never lose favour with any house.

19 April 2018

The Client of Kourend quest no longer awards players with doubled favour in all houses. Instead, this is now the default rate of favour gain.

20 April 2017

The Client of Kourend quest is released. Completing it awards players with 20% favour in a house of their choice, as well as doubled favour gain in all houses.

3 March 2016

Completing tasks for a house will no longer reduce favour with other houses where the player had already earned 100% favour, allowing players to earn 100% favour with all houses.

7 January 2016

The Kourend Favour system was rolled out with the release of Great Kourend.

References[edit | edit source]

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