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Low-defence pure is a type of PvP build that resemble the usual 1 defence build but sacrifises combat levels by gaining defence for certain unlocks.

Low-defence pure
? (edit)
Build type1-vs-1, Multicombat
Combat level? (edit)
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Commmon defence levels[edit | edit source]

Info here, quests etc

5 Defence[edit | edit source]

Player who choose to gain 5 defence usually complete A Soul's Bane. This will allow the player to complete varrock medium/hard diary in the future if they choose to further quest their defence to 25. One-defence pures who accidentaly level their defence can consider training to 5 defence for the unlocks whilst not losing too many combat levels. 5 defence is often the cutoff level for pure clanning.

  • Tyras helm
  • Steel armour
  • Ability to colour steel fullhelms/kiteshields in POH. (only works with steel/rune items)
  • Red/blue castle wars armour

10 Defence[edit | edit source]

10 defence is usally not reccomended as gaining 13 defence (if fully quested) will allow the player to equip Adamant gloves from Recipe of disaster.

  • Slayer helm
  • Black armour
  • White armour / sightly better then black armour
  • Black defender
  • Hardleather body

13 Defence[edit | edit source]

Player who choose to complete the quest Nature Spirit will in turn gain 13 defence. This build is fairly common since players who choose to play their pure as a Main account gains many useful perks such as Spirit rings and Magic secateurs. By gaining access to spirit rings you will in turn gain access to Ardougne medium diary that rewards Ardougne cloak 2 which is a very good hybrid cape.

  • Adamant gloves
  • Ardougne cloak 2 

20 Defence[edit | edit source]

  • Initiate and mithril armour
  • Mystic and enchanted armour
  • Mithril defender
  • Studded body
  • Mirror shield
  • Falador shield 2
  • Blue/white castle wars armour
  • Yak-hide armour

25 Defence[edit | edit source]

  • Frog-leather body
  • Infinity armour

Varrock armour 3 (if fully quested def)

30 Defence[edit | edit source]

  • Addy armour
  • Addy defender
  • Ram skull helm
  • Proselyte armour
  • Snakeskin body
  • 3rd age magic armour
  • Blue/gold castle wars armour

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