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Lubufu chathead.png

Lubufu is an old fisherman found near the Brimhaven player owned house portal, marked with a Fishing spot icon.png icon. He holds the secret to catching karambwan and is the karambwan supplier for the nearby restaurant The Shrimp and Parrot. He introduces himself as the son of Kedoaba, brother of Kedenda and second cousin twice removed of Ibeli. Having never found a suitable wife, Lubufu has not sired any children, to his own regret, fearing the secret to catching karambwan will die with him.

During Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, he teaches the player how to catch karambwan in secrecy after offering them an apprenticeship. He gives the player a karambwan vessel and teaches them a new Fishing technique, granting the player 1500 Fishing experience. However, the player ultimately betrays him by teaching Tiadeche how to catch karambwan, in order to bring him back to his village. If spoken to after the quest, he scorns the player for their betrayal.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]