Lumbridge Swamp Caves

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The Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a dungeon filled with a variety of monsters and Slayer monsters, located beneath Lumbridge Swamp.

There are three entrances to the caves:

  • From the swamp near the candle seller, requiring a rope.
  • From the Lumbridge castle cellar. You must start The Lost Tribe to gain access this way. A pickaxe is needed to enter for the first time.
  • From the minigame Tears of Guthix, which is its own cave branching off from the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

The caves require a light source, unless the player has lit a fire pit of Eternal Light near the rope entrance. Minimum recommended items include a light source with tinderbox, rope, spiny helmet and antipoison.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • Wall beast (level 49) - Level 35 Slayer required, spiny helmet needed for protection from attacks (there are holes in the wall where the beasts can attack you). Wall beasts also drop mystic hats. If navigating around the caves, the Wall beasts can be avoided by stopping one square behind the holes in the wall and then running past them.
  • Cave crawler (level 23) - Level 10 Slayer required. These can poison you, so antipoison potions recommended.
  • Cave goblin (level 3) - These are goblins which live underground.
  • Cave slime (level 23) - Level 17 Slayer required. Poisonous walking blobs of slime, which are Slayer tasks. They also drop level 1 clue scrolls.
  • Cave bug (level 6) - Level 7 Slayer required.
  • Rockslug (level 29) - Level 20 Slayer required, bags of salt needed to kill.
  • Giant frog (level 99) - The toughest monster in these caves, although they are non-aggressive.
  • Big frog (level 24) - Smaller and (much) weaker versions of giant frogs.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • In some areas of the cave, an open light source (such as a candle or a torch) can ignite dangerous swamp gas, resulting in an explosion, dealing heavy damage and extinguishing the light source. You will need a tinderbox to relight it.
  • You can net fish for giant frog spawn in these caves. You will need 33 Fishing to catch them.
  • A Dwarf multicannon can be used in the caves.

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