Lunar Isle

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Lunar Isle
Lunar Isle.png
Released24 July 2006 (Update)
Also calledMoonclan Island, Moon Isle
LocationFremennik Province
InhabitantsMoon Clan
Teleports Lunar Home Teleport
Moonclan Teleport
Tele Group Moonclan
Lunar isle teleport
MusicThe Lunar Isle
Location on World Map
Great Kourend Lunar Isle Neitiznot
Pirates' Cove

Lunar Isle is an island shaped like a crescent moon, located in north-west Gielinor. It is accessible for members who have gone far enough into Lunar Diplomacy. The Astral Altar is located on this island. There is also a bank, a magic shop, a clothes shop and a little island to the east inhabited by Suqah. It is home of the Moon Clan, beings with magic coursing through their blood, who are bitterly at war with the Fremennik.

A Seal of passage is required to interact with any of the NPCs on the island. If the player interacts with an NPC without the seal equipped or in their inventory, there will be some dialogue, followed by the player being forcibly teleported to Rellekka. This only happens if players continue with the conversation, thus players can avoid it by clicking outside of the dialogue. After completing Dream Mentor, players can use only the bank booth where 'Birds-Eye' Jack works without a seal of passage, if they happened to forget it. All the other NPCs will still require the seal of passage.

After completing the elite tier of the Fremennik Diary, players will no longer need a seal of passage to interact with any native Lunar Isle inhabitants, and the Return Orb will be usable in the bank to return to Rellekka.

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