Mage Training Arena/Alchemist's Playground

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A player in the Alchemist's Playground.

In the Alchemist's Playground, eight cupboards are searched for hidden items which players cast low or high level alchemy on to convert into coins. The coins are then deposited into the Coin Collector. For each 100 coins deposited, the player will be rewarded with 1 pizazz point and 10 coins as well as 2 Magic experience per coin deposited.

Rules and mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • The items are always found in the same clockwise order:
  • The positions of the items in the cupboards, as well as the number of coins granted from casting an alchemy spell on them, is randomized every 42 seconds. The Alchemy Guardian will announce this just before each time it occurs.
    • Each item gets one of the following values: 1, 5, 8, 15, and 30. Item values are displayed in a table at the top right of the screen.
    • Though the positions of the items within the cupboards will always change, the items will always appear in the same order listed above. Thus it is less of a "randomization" and more of a "rotation" of items.
  • Coins and items that produce coins, like coin pouches, cannot be brought into the room.
  • When values change, a green arrow will occasionally appear next to an item in the table which means that casting an alchemy spell on that item will not consume any runes.
  • Low and high level alchemy always yield the same amount of coins; the only difference is the amount of Magic experience granted.
  • Deposited coins are always rounded down to the nearest hundred for pizazz point rewards and coins.
    • Extra coins do not carry over into future deposits. Depositing 195 coins and then another 5 would only yield 1 pizazz point in total for the first 195 coins deposited.
    • Leaving the arena causes all coins earned to be automatically deposited into the coin collector and yields the appropriate amount of pizazz points, Magic experience, and coins. If the player logs out while in the chamber, the same will happen and they will receive their rewards upon logging back in.
  • Coins earned as a reward from this activity are deposited directly into the player's bank account. Ultimate Iron players receive them into their inventory instead.

Warning: The limit of depositing coins is 12,000 at once; attempting to deposit any more than that will waste the entire amount. The player will receive a warning each time they collect coins while they have 10,000 or more.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

All possible item orientations within the eight cupboards. Knowing one item location reveals other item locations.

Both alchemy spells require only fire and nature runes, therefore a staff of fire, a different staff giving unlimited fire runes, or a charged tome of fire is recommended. An Explorer's ring also provides free casts of low or high alchemy.

Minimise wasted coins by depositing when close to a lower multiple of 100. Depositing 105 coins is better than depositing 195 — a loss of just 5 coins as opposed to 95.

Beginner strategy[edit | edit source]

Maximise pizazz points by maximising coins per alchemy cast, only doing so on the 30-coin item each round. One strategy is to simply collect 5 of each item in the first round. When the values change, cast alchemy on the new 30-coin items and then find and restock on those items from the correct cupboard. Items can be easily located by searching one cupboard to deduce the positions of the others. This strategy yields at least 150 coins each round without wasting runes on lower value items or incorrect casts that happen during the value change. This method results in 300 pizazz points per 1,000 nature runes, not including free casts.

Note: Budgeting nature runes by casting only on green arrow items is not recommended for gaining pizazz points quickly, however it may be reasonable to alchemise the 15-coin item during the free alch time due to saved nature runes outweighing the small loss in coin deposits.

Advanced strategy[edit | edit source]

Once familiar with the basics of the Mage Training Arena, the 30-coin item's location can be discovered quickly, where the maximum number of searched cupboards is three if the first cupboard is empty. Rotate three cupboards either clockwise or counter-clockwise, check the new cupboard, and then move to the correct cupboard. If the first cupboard has an item, the correct cupboard is then known on the next cupboard searched.

One-by-one method[edit | edit source]

Find the correct cupboard, take a single item, alchemise it, take another item, and repeat until the values reset. Immediately take items from the cupboard after casting the spell right when the spellbook is re-opened. This allows for at least 11 alchemy casts per round yielding about 280 pizazz points per hour.

The more focus-intensive option requires keeping 2-3 of each item in your inventory. When the items rotate, immediately alchemise the new 30-coin item while finding its new location. This sustains near tick-perfect rates with an occasional 1-tick delay from opening cupboards and value resets. Restock on the items when possible. To minimise mouse movement, it may be helpful to reorganize the current 30-coin items in your inventory so that the last one overlaps the alchemy spell location. This will allow you to click in one spot to alchemise all 30-coin items.

Once the initial inventory is set up, it is possible to obtain about 350 pizazz points per hour, but it requires intense focus, movement management, and inventory management. Realistic attempts yield about 330 pizazz points per hour.

Consecutive method[edit | edit source]

Instead of taking a single item at a time in between casts, it is possible to take up to eight items right away and then alchemise them all consecutively. This offers slower rates but is less intensive. This method guarantees eight casts for 240 coins every 42 seconds — possibly more if only two cupboards need to be checked. This strategy yields about 220 pizazz points per hour, while seven casts in the same time yields about 190 pizazz points per hour.