Mage Training Arena/Alchemist's Playground

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This is a safe activity.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
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In this room, players must use High Level Alchemy or Low Level Alchemy to convert items in eight cupboards to coins. You can not bring coins (or items that produce coins such as a coin pouch) into this room. These items are in the following order (clockwise):

A player in the Alchemist's Playground.


  1. The amount of coins given for each of the items are randomised every 42.2 seconds, with the current values shown in a table in the top-right of the screen (in which the values are the same for both High and Low Level Alchemy).
  2. The possible values for each item include 1, 5, 8, 15, and 30.
  3. Occasionally, when the values change, a green arrow will also appear next to an item; this means that the item beside the arrow will consume no runes upon casting either type of alchemy spell.
  4. Each time the prices change, the positions of the items within the cupboards also change, but the order remains the same and is always clockwise around the room in the order listed on the price list with three empty cupboards between the rune longsword and leather boots cupboards. This means that it is possible to deduce where each item is located based on the location of other items.
  5. For every 100 coins deposited in the coin deposit box, the player gains 1 pizazz point and 10 coins into their bank account.
  6. The player also gains 2 Magic experience per coin deposited.
  7. It is recommended that players only deposits coins in multiples of 100, or as close as possible, as players will not receive pizazz points for any coins in between multiples of 100. For example, if you deposit 195 coins, you will only receive 1 pizazz point, forfeiting the extra 95 coins; therefore, in this situation it is better to alch something worth 5 or more coins and deposit 200 coins for 2 pizazz points. Points are not rewarded for cumulative coin deposits; it is not possible to deposit 195 coins, then another 5 coins to gain 2 points; you will only gain 1 point from the first 195 deposited only.

As the alchemy spells require only fire and nature runes, it is recommended to bring a fire staff. In addition, the Explorer's ring free alch cast works in the alchemy room and grants the same amount of experience as a normal low alch cast would.

Should players log out unexpectedly via a network disconnection, the coins earned within the area will be automatically deposited into the coin collector and the appropriate amount of points, Magic experience and coins will be given upon logging back in.

Warning: You can't deposit more than 12,000 coins at any one time, and if you try you will lose all of the money you offer! In-game warnings will begin to pop up just before hitting 10,000 coins.

This graphic shows all possible item orientations within the eight cupboards. Therefore, knowing where one item is will allow you to quickly find the other items.

Beginner strategy: A good way of maximising pizazz points is by focusing on maximising the amount of coins received per alch. Therefore, it is recommended to focus solely on obtaining the item that alchs for 30 coins each round. One strategy that seems to work well is ignoring the first wave in order to collect 5 of each item. At the beginning of each wave as the costs change, alch all you have of the item that is worth 30 coins, then immediately find that item in the cupboards and replenish your stock. Items can be located easily within the cupboards based on the position of other items. This strategy will allow you to get at least 150 coins each wave without wasting runes on lesser valued items or alching the wrong item because the value changed mid-alch. Following this method should allow you to not use more than 1k nature runes if going for the 300 points required for Bones to Peaches.

As mentioned, occasionally one of the items may be able to be alchemised without using any runes. Although players on a budget might prefer to focus on the free item to save runes, it is not a recommended strategy for gaining pizazz points. However, one might rationalise alching the 15 coin item should it have the green arrow next to it due to the costs saved on nature runes outweighing the relatively small loss in minigame gp gain.

Advanced strategy: As you become more familiar with the pattern you will be able to more quickly determine which cupboard has the 30 coin item in it. The maximum number of cupboards you need to check each round is three. If the first cupboard you check is empty then rotate three cupboards clockwise or counterclockwise, check the new cupboard, and rotate appropriately to the correct cupboard based on that item. If the first cupboard you check has an item you can rotate to the correct cupboard with your second attempt. For this method you will find the correct cupboard, take a single item, alch the item, take another, and repeat until the timer resets. You should take the item from the cupboard immediately after you begin the alchemy spell and the GUI transitions from the inventory to the spellbook. Using this method you can get at least 11 alchs per round, which results in 280 points per hour.

A much more focus-intensive strategy requires keeping 2-3 of each item on reserve in the bottom of your inventory. When the items rotate, you can check the 30 gold item, then alch the items in your reserve while you look for the item's location. This way, you can sustain close to tick-perfect alchs, with the occasional 1-tick delay from opening the bins and price transitions. It's also possible to manage your reserve while turning your items as well. Once your inventory is set up, it is possible to obtain upwards of 350 points per hour with this method, but it requires intense focus, movement management, and inventory management. Realistic attempts of this method will net at least 330 points per hour. It's helpful to place the current 30 gold item over the alch spell location to minimise mouse movement while performing this strategy.

Alternative strategy: Similar to the advanced method, you need to be familiar with the pattern in order to use this one. Instead of taking a single item at a time in between alchs, you are able to take eight items right away and alch consecutively. This offers slower rates, but is a less involved approach to the activity. Using this method you can guarantee eight uses of the alchemy spell for 240 coins every 42.2 seconds, and more if you are on a pattern that needs fewer than three cupboard checks. With this rate it is possible to average about 220 points per hour. If you are able to get seven uses of the alchemy spell every 40 seconds you will earn about 190 points per hour.