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A magic tank is a type of free-to-play combat pure account that focuses on training defence and magic. Thanks to their defensive capabilities and access to utility spells, magic tanks can perform tasks like scouting or hopping, and support their team with utility spells such as Snare, Tele Block or less commonly used Curse.

While largely unsuccessful in typical arranged 1-vs-1 combat due to the low speed and damage output of magic, these accounts are valuable in multi-combat areas where they can deal considerable damage to armoured opponents with their combat spells and support their clans.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Rune full helm.png
Red cape.png
Amulet of magic.png
Staff of fire.png
Zamorak monk top.png
Rune kiteshield.png
Zamorak monk bottom.png
Leather vambraces.png
Leather boots.png
Attack bonusStab: +3Slash: -1Crush: +9Magic: +10Range: -2Defence bonusStab: +78Slash: +87Crush: +77Magic: +14Range: +78Other bonusesMelee strength: +6Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +6Weight icon.png 13.3 kg
Blue wizard hat.png
Red cape.png
Amulet of magic.png
Staff of fire.png
Blue wizard robe.png
Anti-dragon shield.png
Zamorak monk bottom.png
Leather vambraces.png
Leather boots.png
Attack bonusStab: +3Slash: -1Crush: +9Magic: +27Range: +4Defence bonusStab: +11Slash: +16Crush: +12Magic: +20Range: +10Other bonusesMelee strength: +6Ranged strength: +0Magic damage: +0.0%Prayer: +3Weight icon.png 11.0 kg

Magic tanks will often use the offence setup when chasing opponents or attacking in a group to maximize the accuracy of utility spells and the damage output. This is especially useful when trying to land Snare or Tele Block after scouting a target. Offence setup that maximizes magic accuracy is not strictly necessary, but it can make a noticeable difference against opponents in leather armour.

The gear can be changed to the defensive variant to minimize the incoming damage when attacked or focused. Defensive gear is also useful when world hopping in a dangerous location.

When relying on prayers, god armours can be used instead of regular rune items due to their prayer bonus.

Different combinations of rune armour and wizard robes can be used, balancing the trade-off between defensive bonuses and magic accuracy. For example, rune med helm and rune sq shield can be considered because of their lower magic accuracy penalties. Keep in mind that rune platebody, rune chainbody and rune platelegs have significant magic accuracy penalties, and thus are rarely used. The same goes for green d'hide armour to a slightly lesser extent. Defensive boosts from the decorative armour sets can also be considered for their melee defence bonuses, but they do have magic attack penalties.

Amulet of power can be used over amulet of magic for its defensive bonuses.

When luring the opponents, trimmed armour or gilded equipment pieces can also be worn.

Training[edit | edit source]

To minimize combat level, train magic without gaining hitpoints experience with methods such as splashing, casting curses, teleporting, enchanting jewellery and alchemy.

In order to gain access to rune platebody and green d'hide body, it is necessary to do the Dragon Slayer I quest which grants 18,650 experience in strength and defence. When aiming for a specific defence level, make sure to do the quest early on.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Getting at least 43 prayer level is recommended for the protection prayers. A higher level can be trained for convenience in the deep wilderness.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Magic tanks can be thought of as a variation of free-to-play tanks with a clear focus on magic and a much lower hitpoints level. By training other combat skills, magic tanks can be easily converted to classic tanks, although their high magic levels often put them in considerably high combat level brackets.

Magic tanks with around 40 defence level can be converted to rune pures, which are much more successful in typical 1-vs-1 combat. When considering such account progression, make sure to do the Dragon Slayer I quest before getting 34 defence level to avoid going over 40 while still being able to wear the rune platebody and green d'hide body. In order to avoid getting any combat levels, attack, strength and ranged skills must be trained in the members worlds with methods that do not grant any hitpoints experience.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This build used to be very popular in RuneScape Classic since metal armours did not affect the accuracy of combat spells.