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Mah is an ancient deity. She resides on the world of Freneskae, and is the creator of the gods Zaros and Seren, as well as the Mahjarrat tribe and the Muspah. Mah created Zaros and Seren aeons ago. Over time, Zaros began to resent her possessiveness and longed to escape, while Seren always cared deeply for her. When Zaros left, Mah began dreaming new beings into existence, the Mahjarrat, who were pale imitations of Zaros and Seren. The creation of these beings caused Mah to weaken, much to Seren's dismay. Seren taught the Mahjarrat the Ritual of Rejuvenation, where they would regularly sacrifice one of their numbers in order to restore Mah and her dwindling power. Eventually Mah grew so weak, that Seren began to worry for Mah's life, and she decided to leave Freneskae too, hoping to find a way to help her.

Mah's name is not mentioned in Old School RuneScape, but much of her history and connections with Seren and Zaros have been revealed in RuneScape. The only in-game reference is the name Mahjarrat, which contains 'Mah'. In RuneScape, it is revealed that Mahjarrat translates to 'Children of Mah'.