Mahogany Homes Reward Shop

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Mahogany Homes Reward Shop
Mahogany Homes Reward Shop.png
Released26 August 2020 (Update)
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SpecialtyMahogany Homes rewards

Mahogany Homes is the store where players can purchase items with their Carpenter points obtained from completing jobs for Mahogany Homes. The store is owned by Amy and is located in Falador, east of the estate agent. It would take 975 Expert contracts to purchase all rewards from the rewards shop, including 1 supply crate.

Stock[edit | edit source]

sold at
Supply crate (Mahogany Homes).pngSupply crate25
Amy's saw.pngAmy's saw500
Plank sack.pngPlank sack350
Hosidius blueprints.pngHosidius blueprints2000
Carpenter's helmet.pngCarpenter's helmet400
Carpenter's shirt.pngCarpenter's shirt800
Carpenter's trousers.pngCarpenter's trousers600
Carpenter's boots.pngCarpenter's boots200