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Mairin chathead.png

Mairin is a mermaid, located underwater by the shores of Fossil Island. She runs a market which sells a variety of underwater-related items, bought with mermaid's tears. She can also train the player's Agility and Thieving in exchange for glistening tears. Both tears are obtained by searching chests and clams in the mermaid's domain.

Mairin objects to fishbowl helmets and does not allow players to use them when talking to her or when going to the mermaid's domain, as her sister was once trapped in a fishbowl helmet by humans.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
Unidentified small fossil.pngUnidentified small fossil1006sMermaid's tear 5.png 100Not sold
Unidentified medium fossil.pngUnidentified medium fossil1006sMermaid's tear 5.png 200Not sold
Unidentified large fossil.pngUnidentified large fossil1006sMermaid's tear 5.png 300Not sold
Merfolk trident.pngMerfolk trident106sMermaid's tear 5.png 400Coins 10000.png 782,658
Seaweed spore 5.pngSeaweed spore1006sMermaid's tear 5.png 20Coins 250.png 445
Bowl of fish.pngBowl of fish1001m Mermaid's tear 5.png 30Not sold