Mairin's Market

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Mairin's Market is a special shop run by Mairin. She uses mermaid tears as her currency. This is the only way to obtain a Merfolk trident and Bowl of fish.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
Unidentified small fossil.pngUnidentified small fossil100Mermaid's tear 5.png 100Not sold
Unidentified medium fossil.pngUnidentified medium fossil100Mermaid's tear 5.png 200Not sold
Unidentified large fossil.pngUnidentified large fossil100Mermaid's tear 5.png 300Not sold
Merfolk trident.pngMerfolk trident10Mermaid's tear 5.png 400Coins 10000.png 563,149
Seaweed spore 5.pngSeaweed spore1000Mermaid's tear 5.png 20Coins 250.png 967
Bowl of fish.pngBowl of fish100Mermaid's tear 5.png 30Not sold