Maria Gadderanks

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Maria Gadderanks
Maria Gadderanks.png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
QuestSins of the Father
LocationNorth Darkmeyer
ExamineA prisoner of the vampyres.
Advanced data
NPC ID9594

Maria Gadderanks is the widowed wife of Gadderanks, a former tither for the vampyres whom the player kills in the quest In Aid of the Myreque.

During Sins of the Father the player encounters her and her son, Ron Gadderanks. They were originally sold to the guard of the Arboretum Desmodus Lasiurus after the disappearance of Gadderanks meant his family were no longer protected. However they were confiscated by Lord Alexei Jovkai and brought to his prison in Darkmeyer. Desmodus Lasiurus demands the player under the guise of a vampyre noble reclaims Maria and Ron in exchange for access to the Arboretum. The player reluctantly agrees and manages to claim them back with unexpected help from Vanstrom Klause, taking them from Jovkai's unusally hospitable custody to a fate unknown.