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Marley is one of the members of Willow's gang. He is recruited in the Below Ice Mountain quest as a skilled thief. He can be found near the Edgeville ruins. He is required to complete the quest, and to progress the player needs to give him a steak sandwich. After the delivery he helps to gain access to the Ruins of Camdozaal by disarming and removing several traps at the entrance hall.

He is a cousin of Charlie the Tramp, who helps the player locating him. It is told in the quest that he took part in a unsuccessful robbery involving a set of mage's robe from a display at Varrock Museum.

Following the quest, he joins Willow in relocating to Nardah. If spoken to, he expresses discomfort at the desert's harsh climate, to which the player responds with bemused contempt.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]