Marlo's crate

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Marlo's crate detail.png

Marlo's crate is a reward item from the miniquest Daddy's Home. If used in Construction the materials hold a potential of 1,545 Construction experience.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The crate contains the following materials:

Item Quantity GE Price
Plank.png Plank 25 4,300
Mithril nails.png Mithril nails 50 2,100
Steel bar.png Steel bar 5 1,720
Oak plank.png Oak plank 10 4,640
Bolt of cloth.png Bolt of cloth 8 7,216
Teleport to house (tablet).png Teleport to house 5 2,420
Falador teleport (tablet).png Falador teleport 1 469
Total 22,865