Mature juniper tree

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Mature juniper tree
Mature juniper tree.png
Released7 January 2016 (Update)
Map iconMap icon - Tree 1.png
ExamineAn old matured tree.
Advanced data
Object ID27499

A Mature juniper tree requires level 42 Woodcutting to chop. The tree provides juniper logs when cut and 35 Woodcutting experience per set of logs received. They can only be found in Hosidius. They are mainly cut by players who wish to obtain juniper charcoal, which is a component in making dynamite for the blast mine minigame in Lovakengj.

Woodcutting info[edit | edit source]

Mature juniper tree
Level requiredWoodcutting 42
Woodcutting XP35 xp
Required toolAxe
Respawn time8 seconds
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Juniper logs.png: Mature juniper tree drops Juniper logs with rarity Unknown in quantity 1Juniper logs1UnknownNot sold48

Tree locations[edit | edit source]

There are 13 Mature juniper trees. Mature juniper trees can only be found in Hosidius, north-west of the charcoal furnaces. The majority of the Mature juniper trees are collocated with the Saltpeter deposits, with the location labeled as Saltpetre on the World Map. Mature juniper trees are considered rare trees for the purpose of the rare trees minimap icon (Rare trees icon.png). The trees are shown on the World Map and Minimap as a bushy tree Map icon - Tree 1.png. The rare tree icon and the bushy tree image are shared with several other trees, so the icon and image on the map does not directly mean it is a Mature juniper tree.

Additional Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Beaver – Mature juniper trees have a chance to drop the beaver Woodcutting pet. At level 42 Woodcutting there is a 1 in 358,950 chance to receive the beaver and a 1 in 357,525 chance at level 99.
  • Bird Nest – There is 1 in 256 chance to drop from mature juniper trees. The bird nest will be dropped on the ground and will despawn after 30 second if not picked up. The Bird nest will be given in place of logs.
  • Clue nest – Mature juniper trees can drop all clue nests. At level 42 Woodcutting there is an approximately 1 in 2,535 chance to receive an easy-elite clue nest and a 1 in 1,809 chance at level 99. Beginner clue nests have a universal 1 in 1000 chance to be dropped.

Mature juniper trees are arguably the best trees to cut in order to receive bird nests and beginner clue nests, with very low cut difficulty and low chance to become depleted.

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

A player may not use a tinderbox on juniper logs to burn them; rather they should be transported to the charcoal furnaces, found just south of the trees. When a player attempts to use a tinderbox on juniper logs, they will receive the message stating, "The log won't burn properly like that. It might become good charcoal in a suitable furnace."

Charcoal making[edit | edit source]

On the southern shore, a player may pay Smoggy 600 coins in order to tend one of two charcoal furnaces while they incinerate any amount of juniper logs. When this process has finished, a player will obtain juniper charcoal. This process seems to take a significant amount of time and should not be "watched", as with the common error of watching plants grow. The incineration process is a segue into blast mining in Lovakengj. Initial calculations suggest that a juniper log may take as long as 12+ hours to convert into charcoal. Charcoal may not be collected until the process has completed; moreover a player may add as many as 60 juniper logs to either or both furnaces. The process may be slow but each log gives 50 charcoal. Hence filling both the furnaces gives 6000 juniper charcoals.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Mature juniper trees have a 1 in 16 chance of depleting when receiving a log, and a respawn time of 8 seconds. A roll to receive a log is done every 4 game ticks when chopping. The chance to successfully chop is affected by the axe used and Woodcutting level, better axes and a higher woodcutting level increases the likelihood of successfully receiving a log. Mature juniper trees have a very low cut difficulty, and players with a high Woodcutting level likely max out the chance to receive a log.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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