Mausoleum Door (Icyene Graveyard)

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Mausoleum Door
Mausoleum Door (Icyene Graveyard).png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
QuestSins of the Father
LocationIcyene Graveyard
ExamineThere's a strange lock on it.
Advanced data
Object ID38070

The Mausoleum Door is a piece of scenery that plays a part in the Sins of the Father quest. It features a lock which is based on the game 'Kakurasu'.

The objective of the puzzle is to have the active numbers (different for each player), which are marked with the blue and yellow squares in each row/column, to add up to the number shown on that row/column. The red flags are not needed to solve the puzzle, but can help you mark off squares that they think they will not need. An easy place to start is by checking for any numbers in a row or column that are below 5, as you can use that to eliminate some of the possibilities. Additionally, some numbers can only be solved by a certain combination (e.g. 11 can be solved by using the numbers 5,3,2,1 or 5,4,2).

After solving the puzzle, the quest continues and the door can no longer be interacted with.

A near-complete interface of the puzzle on the door.