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The maze is a random event initiated randomly by the appearance of the Mysterious Old Man, who offers the player a chance to complete a maze. It is favorable to complete over most other random events because the rewards it gives tend to be much more valuable than those given by other events despite taking longer to complete.

Entering the maze
Routes to finish (map faces random direction when you enter)

The maze itself is a large square area full of "walls" made of floating cubes. The goal is to navigate through the maze to the centre and touch the rotating shrine found there; once the player does so, they will be teleported back to where they spoke to the Mysterious Old Man and will receive a reward. Run energy doesn't deplete at all in the area, so continuous running is strongly recommended.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Main article: Strange shrine

While inside the maze, the bottom right corner of the screen displays the event's "reward potential", which starts at 100% and slowly drains away as the player spends time in the maze. Players typically finish with 65-75% reward potential, though this can vary with starting location. Players who reach 0% reward potential will be teleported out of the maze (back to where they were before the event started) with no reward. Some rewards can be very valuable in the amounts they are offered, with the highest rewards possibly around 161,280 (three times ~280 Death Runes).

Upon completion, the maze event will reward the player with varying amounts of three resources randomly selected from the table below, which can be the same or different resource each selection, scaled to the remaining reward potential and the player's skill total in the following manner:

where the the divisor depends on the specific item rewarded in the following way:

Reaching the centre
Reward Divisor
Coins 1
Feather 2
Iron arrow 3
Chaos rune 9
Steel arrow 12
Death rune 18
Coal 45
Mithril ore 162
Nature rune 180

For example, a player with 1772 total and 75% completion could receive 4430 coins, 491 chaos runes, or 27 mithril ore.

Furthermore, there are several rewards chests along the way which may give low-tier resources like elemental runes, bronze arrows and bolts, iron arrows, attack, strength and defence potions. However, these are in small amounts and are not worth the potential lost while running for them.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Coins_1000.png: Maze drops Coins with rarity Common in quantity 0-7590Coins0–7,590Common0–7,5900–7,590
Feather.png: Maze drops Feather with rarity Common in quantity 0-3795Feather0–3,795Common0–11,3850–3,795
Iron arrow.png: Maze drops Iron arrow with rarity Common in quantity 0-2530Iron arrow0–2,530Common0–7,5900–2,530
Chaos rune.png: Maze drops Chaos rune with rarity Common in quantity 0-843Chaos rune0–843Common0–37,9350–45,522
Steel arrow.png: Maze drops Steel arrow with rarity Common in quantity 0-632Steel arrow0–632Common0–5,6880–4,424
Death rune.png: Maze drops Death rune with rarity Common in quantity 0-421Death rune0–421Common0–80,8320–45,468
Coal.png: Maze drops Coal with rarity Common in quantity 0-168Coal0–168Common0–26,5440–4,536
Nature rune.png: Maze drops Nature rune with rarity Common in quantity 0-42Nature rune0–42Common0–6,9720–4,536
Mithril ore.png: Maze drops Mithril ore with rarity Common in quantity 0-46Mithril ore0–46Common0–4,0940–4,462

Update history[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
8 November 2018

The walls no longer have an option to open them and players are teleported out if they run out of time.

22 May 2014

Run energy no longer drains while you're in the random event Maze.

26 July 2013

The Maze random event's warnings have been restored to some of its doors to prevent people from going down huge cul-de-sacs.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.