McGrubor's Wood

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McGrubor's Wood
McGrubor's Wood.png
Released28 May 2002 (Update)
MusicTalking Forest
Advanced data
Location on World Map
Coal Trucks McGrubor's Wood Seers' Village

McGrubor's Wood is a wooded, fenced-in area north of Hemenster and west of Seers' Village, used primarily for quests. There are two ways in and out: a loose section of the northern railing, and a fairy ring with code ALS.

The loose section of the railing is immediately to the north-east of the small building that borders the fence, and is shown on the map in red, similarly to how a door is portrayed.

Inside the fence, guarding the wood, are aggressive level 44 guard dogs. A player can run past them getting hit only a few times.

Once inside, players can gather Dwellberries for the Plague City Quest, or red vine worms for the Fishing Contest or Fairytale I quests. There is a chance that Solus Dellagar will appear here during the Wanted! quest. The little shack in the middle of the wood can be entered with a shiny key after completing the Temple of Ikov quest.

There is a crate that is the solution to a map clue during a Treasure Trail.

Although there are many trees in the wood, training is not advised due to the guard dogs and the fact that there are only normal and oak trees.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mcgrubor's Wood may be a reference to McGregor's garden from Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.