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You may use the form below to block a specific IP address or username from editing. This should only be done to prevent vandalism.

IPv4 and IPv6 range blocks may be appropriate. Calculate range blocks here, or check the table below for examples:

IPs Range #Users affected 256 64
caca:0dec:afc0:ffee:*:*:*:* caca:0dec:afc0:ffee::/64 1
adde:dad0:befa:de*:*:*:*:* adde:dad0:befa:de00::/56 256
beef:face:dead:*:*:*:*:* beef:face:dead::/48 65,536 (1 organisation)

Typically, ranges other than those listed here are ineffective, for example only blocking part of the IP addresses a vandal may have access to. Due to IPv4 addresses being much more scarce, the typical ranges owned by single entities (users, organisations) are smaller, so smaller ranges are listed in this table. The biggest possible ranges for IPv4 and IPv6, respectively, are /$1 and /$2.