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/* ********************************************************
	This file is used to update [[MediaWiki:Vector.css]].
	These styles will be applied only to the Vector skin (desktop).
   ******************************************************** */

@common: 'MediaWiki:Common.less';
@dir: 'MediaWiki:Vector.less';

@import '@{common}/mixins.less';
@import '@{dir}/fonts.less';
@import '@{common}/variables.less';
@import '@{dir}/elements.less';

// Vector interface files
@import '@{dir}/vectormenu.less';
@import '@{dir}/vectorsearch.less';
@import '@{dir}/vectorsidebar.less';
@import '@{dir}/vectortabs.less';
@import '@{dir}/vectorfooter.less';
// Sidebar (rc widget)
@import '@{dir}/rcsidebar.less';

// Templates
@import '@{dir}/infobox.less';
@import '@{dir}/navbox.less';

// Infobox & Misc Buttons
@import '@{dir}/button.less';

//Editor interface
@import '@{dir}/editor.less';

// Misc
@import '@{dir}/messagebox.less';
@import '@{dir}/nodesktop.less';

// temporarily moved from [[MediaWiki:Common.less/tabber.less]]
// because it caused them to go off-screen
.tabber {
    display: inline-grid;