Meiyerditch Laboratories

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Meiyerditch Laboratories
Meiyerditch Laboratories.png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
InhabitantsBloodvelds, Mutated bloodvelds, Crawling Hands
MusicThe Terrible Tunnels, The Terrible Caverns
Meiyerditch Laboratories map.png
Advanced data

The Meiyerditch Laboratories are a set of winding tunnels beneath the Sanguinesti Region where the vampyres practised haemalchemy until they were suddenly shut down by Lord Drakan. Various gruesome experiments were conducted there on humans and bloodveld. The northern end of the tunnels connects to the tomb of Ivandis Seergaze.

During the quest Darkness of Hallowvale, the player visits the laboratories in search of possible research that may aid The Myreque in their fight against the vampyres, and during Sins of the Father, the player and Safalaan visits further beyond for additional research.

Partial completion of Sins of the Father up to accessing the laboratory is required to access the monsters in the dungeon.

In the southern part of the dungeon, near the mutated bloodvelds, there are 3 log respawns and tinderbox. In the eastern part, crawling hands can be found as well. The entire area is also multicombat and the Dwarven multicannon can be used here thus making it an excellent place to kill bloodvelds with a cannon.

The entrance to the true Blood Altar is located within the northern part of the dungeon, a blood talisman or blood tiara is required for players to enter the ruins. Players may also access the altar through the blood rift in the Abyss. In this area, a nearby skeleton can be searched for a tatty note.

Location[edit | edit source]

Route to the Meiyerditch Laboratories.

The entrance to the Meiyerditch Laboratory is in the house with the slashed tapestry, which is south-east of the location you arrive at once exiting the Meiyerditch mine. There are various ways to get there:

  • If Sins of the Father is partially started or completed, players may equip their vyre noble top, legs and shoes (bring a pickaxe if you do not have the outfit). Teleport to Ver Sinhaza using a Drakan's medallion, and speak with the closest Vyrewatch to be sent to the mines. If you have the vyre outfit equipped, you can immediately speak with a Vampyre Juvinate to exit the mine, otherwise you must mine 15 daeyalt ore to exit. Once you exit, follow the path to the house with the slashed tapestry and climb down the stairs to enter the Meiyerditch Laboratories
  • After Sins of the Father, use a Hallowed crystal shard and exit The Hallowed Sepulchre. Run south and west to reach the crack in the wall, follow path to house with slashed tapestry, climb down the stairs.
  • After Sins of the Father, use a Drakan's medallion, teleport to Darkmeyer, run north, east, south and west to reach the crack in the wall, follow path to house with slashed tapestry, climb down the stairs.
  • After Sins of the Father, teleport to Canifis, go down the Myreque Hideout trapdoor (south of Hair of the Dog Inn), go south through the secret wall, take the first cave east, travel directly south through the next cave entrance shortcut until you reach the Meiyerditch Laboraties cave system. This shortcut requires 93 Agility and 78 Mining along with a pickaxe the first time it is used. Subsequent uses just require 93 Agility. Alternatively, fairy ring code DLS can also be used to access the Myreque tunnels before the shortcut.

Music[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Duration Music track
The Terrible Caverns Unlocked inside the laboratories 04:08 Play track
The Terrible Tunnels Unlocked inside the laboratories 05:04 Play track