Memoriam crystal (2)

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The memoriam crystal (2) is a memory of Seren found in a bush on the east side of the Tower of Voices. It is used on the memoriam device upstairs in the Tower of Voices.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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When the memoriam device is activated, the Memory of Seren will speak inside the player's head.

She cries out for him, desperate for him to return to her. I've been trying my best to comfort her, but it has been little help. In her desperation for him to return, she has created new life in his image. They are pale imitations though, shadows of him and I. Their creation has been sapping her energy, and I fear she will grow too weak. All may not be lost though, for I may be able to convince them to sacrifice their energy and return it to her.
— Memory of Seren, memoriam crystal (2)