Memoriam crystal (3)

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The memoriam crystal (3) is a memory of Seren found in some cooking pots in Tatie's house, just north-west of the POH portal. It is used on the memoriam device upstairs in the Tower of Voices.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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When the memoriam device is activated, the Memory of Seren will speak inside the player's head.

She has been dreaming more and more often recently. As she dreams, more beings are manifested. While her initial creations held some intellect, the latest ones have been purely instinctual. She is clearly running out of energy and running out of time. The beings that sacrificed themselves for her slowed things down, but it hasn't been enough. I am left with no choice, for I am powerless to help her. I have to leave her, before it is too late.
— Memory of Seren, memoriam crystal (3)