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Released26 April 2005 (Update)
LocationKharidian Desert
MusicCity of the Dead
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Menaphos is a city located in the far south of the Kharidian Desert and its capital.[1] It is ruled by Pharaoh Kemesis. It is not yet accessible due to the inhabitants' fear of the plague in neighbouring Sophanem. Little is known about the city except that it consists of four districts: the imperial district, the merchants' district, the docks, and the slums. Its chief gatekeeper is Coenus, a brutal and ruthless man.

Unlike its neighbour, the solemn City of the Dead, where deceased Menaphites are laid to rest, Menaphos is known as a grand city of culture and wealth. It is known to contain a library whose scholars travel afar to gather knowledge. Moreover, in ancient times, its philosophers were able to figure out that the planet RuneScape is a sphere, for they thought it to be the most perfect shape. Additionally, they used evidence provided by sailing ships to back up this claim, which was later proven correct.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the history of Menaphos. It had long been at war with the emirate of Al Kharid, aiming to conquer territories in the north of the desert, but has been unable to do so in part due to the harsh climate.[3] The two powers are at peace now, but hostilities still have not subsided and could easily flare up again.[4] In fact, Spymaster Osman of Al Kharid has agents inside the city causing civil unrest and he claims he would be 'lynched on sight' should he set foot inside Menaphos or Sophanem and that the Menaphites would be very interested in extracting 'delicate information' from him and punishing him for his actions.[5] Despite the continuing hostilities, attempts have been made to improve relations, such as the construction of bridges over the River Elid.[6]

Recently, a particular group of Menaphites in the service of Amascut, the Devourer, attempted to overthrow the Pharaoh, for which they were exiled.[7]

The city closed its gates when the plagues began spreading in the neighbouring city of Sophanem, allowing nobody in or out.[8] Although the plagues were later proved to be limited and non-contagious, Menaphos still remains inaccessible, with Coenus and his men even going as far as to attack the High Priest of Sophanem and his delegation, who approached the gates to parlay. The city is heavily guarded on all sides and cannot be entered by conventional means. A subterranean passage from Sophanem exists, but it is infested with the dangerous Sect of Scabaras and a large chasm separates the Menaphite from the Sophanite side.

During the quarantine, word spread that the Sophanite slaves did not have to labour, causing their Menaphite counterparts to rebel against the authorities.[9] The situation threatened to escalate, but Coenus brutally repressed the protests in the imperial and merchant districts. The slaves yet remain rebellious in the slums and part of the docks.[10] The sudden quarantine also left many Sophanites trapped in Menaphos, even as Sophanem itself lifted its own quarantine. One of Osman's agents, Maisa, made a deal with an adventurer in the service of Sophanem that she would inform the Sophanites they could go back home safely in return for the adventurer's summoning Osman to come to her in person in order to help her get out of the city. Despite the dangers, this plan succeeded: Maisa helped the Sophanites get out of Sophanem and the city established trade with Al Kharid as part of Osman's plans to instil hostilities between the twin cities.

Apart from the slave revolts, the quarantine has led to a significant reduction of Menaphos's interaction with the rest of the world. For example, the librarian Aristarchus is sojourning in Pollnivneach, unable to return, and Shiratti, curatrix of Nardah's Temple of Elidinis, has long awaited the arrival of a new priestess from Menaphos to lead the temple.[11]

Travel[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 April 2015

Attempting to open the gates to Menaphos no longer takes you to the gates of Sophanem.

References[edit | edit source]

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