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A merfolk trident can be bought from Mairin's Market in the underwater area of Fossil Island for 400 mermaid tears.

It is one of the few weapons that allow the player to swim while wielding it. Its main purpose is aiding with drift net fishing, where it gives an increased chance to scare off fish shoals into the net. It shares this effect with the trident of the seas.[1] The trident has no attack level requirements and is a 2-handed weapon.

The trident can be charged with up to 10 pufferfish, which will let players use the Channel option to regain breath underwater, as with regular pufferfish.

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Combat Options Combat Style Type Experience
CombatStyles spear.png Lunge Stab Shared
Swipe Slash Shared
Pound Crush Shared
Block Stab Defence and Hitpoints

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Mairin's MarketUnderwater10Mermaid's tear 5.png 400N/AMember icon.png

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 8 July 2019. (Archived from the original on 26 August 2019.) Mod Ash: "[Does the trident of the seas have the same effect in driftnet fishing as the merfolk trident?] Yes."