Mime outfit

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Mime outfit
Mime mask.png Mime top.png Mime legs.png Mime gloves.png Mime boots.png
Quest No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Store price Not sold
Mime outfit equipped.png

The mime outfit is given out when players complete the Mime random event. In the event, players have to repeat the mime's actions in order to return to where they originally were in RuneScape. The mime in the event is wearing a Beret mask, which is a combination of the mask and a beret. Members can obtain this item by talking to Patchy on Mos Le'Harmless whilst holding a mime mask and a Black beret from a Treasure Trail. Patchy will then sew these items together for 500 coins. This is only available to members.

The mime items are cosmetic and have no stat bonuses.

Players can store the full mime costume in their player-owned house's Costume room inside the Fancy dress box, and the Beret mask can be stored in a player's Treasure chest (level 1).

It is possible to have both a mime mask and a Beret mask at the same time, by turning the first mime mask a player receives into a Beret mask. The next time the player receives the random event they will receive either the mime mask again rather than the 500 coins (if the player has all of the other items), or as normal the player will receive another random piece of the costume (including the mime mask again).