Miscellaneous dragons

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Miscellaneous dragons are types of dragons that mostly aren't chromatic, nor metallic. There are various kinds of miscellaneous dragons.

For more information on all types of dragons, see Dragon (race).

Attackable dragons[edit | edit source]

Image Type Level Attacks Location Notes
Elvarg Elvarg 83 Melee, Dragonbreath Elvarg's lair in the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon Elvarg is attackable only during the Dragon Slayer quest. When slain, she drops Elvarg's head, which can be returned to Oziach to finish the quest, although the quest can be still completed if the head is lost.
Lava dragon Lava dragon 252 Melee, Dragonbreath Lava Dragon Isle Located in level 36 to 42 Wilderness, in a multicombat area. Always drops black dragonhide, lava scale and lava dragon bones, although they are not considered a black dragon in regards to a Slayer assignment. In comparison to most other dragons, they drop rune equipment and other similarly priced items frequently. Unlike most other dragons, they are also very weak to Magic.
Reanimated dragon Reanimated dragon N/A Melee, Dragonbreath Varies Spawned by using the Reanimate Dragon spell. When slain, it will give the player 1,560 Prayer experience.

Non-attackable dragons[edit | edit source]

Image Type Locations Notes
K'klik.png K'klik Zanaris K'klik is a blue fairy dragon, the last of the fairy dragons. K'klik is encountered during the Freeing Sir Amik Varze portion of the Recipe for Disaster quest.
Mr. Mordaut.png Mr. Mordaut Random event Mr. Mordaut cannot be attacked and gives players the Surprise Exam random event. Players who fail the exam are teleported to a random place, while players who pass get a reward.