Miscellanians (portrait)

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The miscellanians portrait can be built in the Portrait space of the Quest Hall in a player-owned house. It requires 55 Construction to build and when built, it gives 311 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

The Misc. portrait can be purchased from Sir Renitee for 1,000, but only if Throne of Miscellania has been completed. It depicts Prince Brand and Princess Astrid, the son and daughter of King Vargas of Miscellania.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Construction Construction55 (b)311
Quest points Completion of Throne of Miscellania
Member icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank24,000
Misc. portrait.pngMisc. portrait11,000
Total Cost5,000
Miscellanians (portrait) icon.pngMiscellanians1N/A