Misthalin Manor

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Location on World Map
Lumbridge Swamp
Misthalin Manor
Southern Sea

Misthalin Manor is a large, abandoned mansion located on a faraway island, south of Lumbridge Swamp. It can only be reached via a rowboat, directly south of the Fishing Tutor. The manor appears to have two floors, but only the ground floor is accessible as you are stopped when attempting to climb up the rickety staircase. The mansion is a central location for the quest Misthalin Mystery. The mansion is based on Draynor Manor. Although the manor is a part of Misthalin, it is kept secret and even guards dare not go there.[1]

The island and its mansion were originally released as the 2016 Halloween event, but later become a permanent location after passing a poll to reintroduce it as a quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • No music plays at all during the quest. If you were to travel to the island and then log out and back in, you would find that your music player is playing nothing at all (with the track currently playing displaying "AUTO").
  • A Bandos godsword is located in the north-west room, although there is currently no way the player is able to reach the weapon. Strangely, the Godsword has the 'Take' option on it despite the inaccessibility.

References[edit | edit source]

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