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A mithril rock, also called mithrite[1], is a rock that can be mined through the Mining skill to obtain mithril ore in various places throughout RuneScape. Mithril rocks can be mined with a Mining level of 55 or higher, granting 80 Mining experience and one mithril ore.

Hobgoblin Mine in level 30-35 Wilderness contains the greatest amount of mithril rocks. It also has several adamantite rocks, but like all Wilderness locations, player killers are always on the prowl, so take necessary precautions, and never bring anything you can't afford losing.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Mine12
Al Kharid mine2
Bandit Camp mine22
Corsair Cove Resource Area2
Desert Mining Camp5
Dwarven Mine2
Edgeville Dungeon mine1
Evil Chicken's Lair mine2
Fight Arena mine2
Fossil Island mine3
Grand Tree mine2
Heroes' Guild mine2
Jatizso mine17
Karamja Jungle mine2
Kebos Lowlands mine5
Keldagrim entrance mine2
Keldagrim south-west mine2
Lovakengj mine1
Mining Guild5
North Crandor mine1
Pirates' Hideout mine4
Piscarilius mine1
Port Khazard mine2
Resource Area1
Shayzien mine2
South Crandor mine7
Trahaearn mine7
West Lumbridge Swamp mine5

References[edit | edit source]

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