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Mod Ash is a Principal Content Developer at Jagex.

He originally contributed towards the development of RuneScape, before becoming one of the primary architects of Old School RuneScape, alongside Mod Reach & Mod Nexus, with Mod Mat K moving to the team a day later. During pre-release talks over any future of the Old School RuneScape project, Mod Ash was not able to secure any guarantee of transitioning back to the RuneScape 3 development team should Old School RuneScape see a decline post-launch, whereas he revealed Mod Reach managed to secure a guarantee in writing. Mod Ash later said that if it were not for Old School RuneScape's initial and continued success, he likely would have parted ways with Jagex.

He currently leads the Juggernauts team.

Mod Ash is known for having worked on nearly all content during Old School's early years and has composed 44 music tracks for Old School RuneScape.

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Music map[edit | edit source]

The highlighted areas are all music tracks composed by Mod Ash.