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Mod Reach is a former Content Developer at Jagex. He was one of the primary architects and internal campaigners for Old School RuneScape, alongside Mod Ash & Mod Nexus. Mod Reach was also the Bug Abuse Lead Curator for the RuneScape studio, a position previously and infamously held by Mod Chrisso, and was responsible for overseeing Jagex's response to minor and major exploits found within both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

Mod Reach has stated that he campaigned internally for a "2006 nostalgia version of RuneScape" soon after joining Jagex in 2010 before colleagues dismissed his suggestions and joked he should "go back to the rants forum", a reference to a largely unmoderated section of the RuneScape Forums where trolls would often frequent. He has also stated he was often seen as a controversial figure, due to his stance on speaking openly and honestly about his thoughts and feelings towards Old School RuneScape and management at Jagex who he believed were frequently "undermining the efforts and hard work of the Old School RuneScape team" by limiting their access to internal resources and curbing visibility of Old School RuneScape at RuneFest by "electing staff from RuneScape 3 to hand out Golden Gnome Awards to those who competed in challenges specific to Old School RuneScape".

He was also a vocal critic against certain game mechanics going untouched and used outside of their design, such as Splashing and the image it gives new players whose first sight would be hundreds of players AFK'ing in Lumbridge, and an engine bug with the Kraken boss, preventing it from doing any damage, which he was told not to fix because "it was now a feature".

Mod Reach was dismissed from Jagex after an investigation about misuse of moderator privileges.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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