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This is the documentation page for Module:Clean image

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This is a documentation subpage for Module:Clean image.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original module page.
Module:Clean image's function main is invoked by Template:Clean image.
Module:Clean image requires Module:Paramtest.

Cleans an input image to prevent double linking.

This module is a helper module to be used by other modules; it may not be designed to be invoked directly. See RuneScape:Lua/Helper modules for a full list and more information.

Clean imageclean(args)stringInput args is a table with fields:
  • file - the full wikitext to be cleaned. All processing is skipped if file is empty or is the string no.
  • width - width to resize the file to; no default
  • height - height to resize the file to, can be combined with width; no default
  • link - what page to link the file to; no default (file will link to file page), 'no' to link to nothing