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Module documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Module sandbox/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]
Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/LocLine requires Module:Edit button.
Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/LocLine requires Module:Paramtest.
Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/LocLine requires Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/Map.
Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/LocLine requires Module:Trailblazer Region.
Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/LocLine requires Module:Yesno.

This module is a sandbox for Jakesterwars. It can be used to test changes to existing modules, prototype new modules, or just experimenting with lua features.

Invocations of this sandbox should be kept in userspace; if the module is intended for use in other namespaces, it should be moved out of the sandbox into a normal module and template.

This default documentation can be overridden by creating the /doc subpage of this module, as normal.

local p = {}

local editBtn = '<small>' .. require('Module:Edit button')() .. '</small>'
local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
local isEmpty = require('Module:Paramtest').is_empty
local buildMap = require('Module:Sandbox/User:Jakesterwars/Map').buildMap
local tb = require('Module:Trailblazer Region')._main

function p.main(frame)
	local membscol = {
		[true] = '[[File:Member icon.png|link=Members]]',
		[false] = '[[File:Free-to-play icon.png|link=Free-to-play]]',
	local args = frame:getParent().args
	local loc = args.location or '? ' .. editBtn
	local levels = args.levels
	local membs = membscol[yesno(args.members ~= nil and args.members or "no")]
	local mapID = args.mapID
	local plane = args.plane
	local mtype = args.mtype
	local name = or mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text
	local spawns = args.spawns
	local region = args.trailblazerRegion
	local ret = mw.html.create('tr')
	if (isEmpty(loc)) then loc = '? ' .. editBtn end
	if (isEmpty(levels)) then levels = '? ' .. editBtn end

	local buildArgs = {
		icon = 'redPin',
		desc = name,
		mtype = mtype,
		mapID = mapID,
		plane = plane,
		type = 'maplink'
	local i = 1
	while args[i] do
		-- local coordinate = string.format('%s,desc:%s', args[i], isEmpty(args.levels) and '' or string.format('Level(s) %s', levels))
		local coordinate = string.format('%s', args[i])
		table.insert(buildArgs, coordinate)
		i = i + 1
	-- Check if spawns is already populated
	if spawns == nil then spawns = i - 1 end
	if spawns == 0 then spawns = '? ' .. editBtn end
	local mapping = buildMap(buildArgs)
	-- build table row to return
	-- column order (from {{LocTableHead}}): Location, Levels, Members, Spawns, Map, Region (if Trailblazer header is used)
	ret:tag('td'):addClass(levels == 'N/A' and 'table-na' or ''):wikitext(levels):done()

	if region then
		if yesno(region,true) then
			ret:tag('td'):wikitext(tb(region, string.format('This monster is in the %s Trailblazer region.', region)))
	return ret

return p