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Molly (3) chathead.png

Molly is an NPC that appears during the Evil twin random event.

Molly appears in a tiny room connected to a larger room with a crane control panel. Unlike most other non-playable characters, Molly changes her hairstyle, hair colour, clothing, clothes colour and even eye colour with each event. Her gender and skin tone remains the same.

During the event, Molly will ask the player to capture her evil twin sister among the suspects, who she claims has been damaging her name by doing evil deeds. Molly will return the player only when they have captured her evil twin sister, who has identical hair and clothing.

Once the player captures Molly's evil twin, the player can return to Molly's room and speak to her again. She will return the player back to where they were before the random event began and reward the player for their help with 1-5 gems, cut or uncut, up to diamond.

If you catch the wrong person two times, Molly will teleport you to somewhere in RuneScape, such as Rimmington.

Logging out will not remove you from the event.

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