Bird house trapping

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Bird house trapping
Profit per instanceBird house trapping.png
70,243 per instance
Activity time
2 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
50 minutes
Effective profit
2,107,285 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
Bone voyage
Item requirementsOther requirements
  • Digsite pendant unlocked
  • Experience gainedLocation
    Hunter 4,800 Fossil Island
    Inputs (1,884)Outputs (72,126)
    4 × Redwood logs.png Redwood logs (1,560)40 × Hammerstone seed.png Hammerstone seed (80)0.2 × Digsite pendant.png Digsite pendant (244)3.14 × Bird nest (seed).png Bird nest (seed) (32,215)4.43 × Bird nest (empty).png Bird nest (empty) (23,116)2.36 × Bird nest (ring).png Bird nest (ring) (13,391)0.22 × Bird nest (red egg).png Bird nest (red egg) (3,405)

    This guide assumes Hunter 99 , redwood bird house and wearing a strung rabbit foot, although the latter only slightly increases profits.

    See Bird house trapping's page for recommended setup.

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