Money making guide/Claiming pure essence from Wizard Cromperty

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250 per instance
Claiming pure essence from Wizard Cromperty
Profit per instanceEast Ardougne.png
Activity time
1 minute
Minimum recurrence time
1440 minutes
Effective profit
15,000 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
Skills needed to complete all Ardougne Diary tasks:

90 Agility
50 Attack
50 Crafting
50 Construction
91 Cooking
85 Farming
50 Firemaking
81 Fishing
69 Fletching
45 Herblore
59 Hunter
94 Magic
52 Mining
42 Prayer
60 Ranged
65 Runecraft
91 Smithing
50 Strength
82 Thieving
50 Woodcutting

Item requirementsOther requirements
Ardougne cloak recommendedElite Ardougne Diary (Medium is still helpful)
Experience gainedLocation
NoneEast Ardougne
InputsOutputs (250)
250 × Pure essence.png Pure essence (250)

After completing the elite Ardougne Diary, Wizard Cromperty will give you 250 pure essence every day, resetting at 00:00 UTC. To get to Cromperty, teleport using the Ardougne cloak or Ardougne Teleport and go into the marketplace in East Ardougne. He is located in the building east of the Servants' Guild. Right-click him to claim the essence. You don't need to be wearing your Ardougne cloak to do it, but it's recommended to use the cloak's teleport option. If you've only completed the medium tasks, you can still claim 100 essence per day. Also, doing the hard ones bumps it up to 150.

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