Blessing unblessed symbols

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Blessing unblessed symbols
RequirementsBrother Jered.png
Prayer 31+
10,000+ recommended
ProfitExperience gained
87,120 None
Inputs (28,440)Outputs (115,560)
360 × Unblessed symbol.png Unblessed symbol (28,440)360 × Holy symbol.png Holy symbol (115,560)

Travel Methods: There are two ways, players can travel between the Edgeville Monastery and the Edgeville bank.

Running: Players can run south through Barbarian Village and north up to the monastery, or they can run north above Oziach's house. This method will take longer, as players will normally run out of run energy in between runs. Because of this, players will not bless as many symbols as they would using a skull sceptre to travel.

Skull Sceptre Run: Players with stockpiled skull sceptre charges can use the it to teleport to the entrance of the Stronghold of Security, and run either to the monastery. If doing this method, it is recommended to bring runes for Falador Teleport to bank. Doing so can shave 1 minute of travel from players that choose to run straight back and forth from the monastery and the bank. Since you are saving more time travelling, you will be able to do more runs, increasing the amount of symbols you can bless an hour.

With the unblessed symbols in your inventory, talk to Brother Jered in order to bless your symbols. Talk to him using the dialogue option: 'What can you do to help a bold adventurer such as myself?' Then you can choose 'Bless star'.

Alternatively you can use these quick chat instructions: 1, Space, Space, 1, Space

It may also be worth trapping Brother Jered in the room containing the ladder, both to ensure slightly less distance to cover, as well as to ensure you never need to keep re-opening a door.