Buying from Wydin's Food Store

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Buying from Wydin's Food Store
ProfitExperience gained
24,516 None
Inputs (1,728)Outputs (26,244)
1,728 × Coins.png Coins (1,728)108 × Pot of flour.png Pot of flour (14,256)108 × Tomato.png Tomato (5,832)108 × Banana.png Banana (6,156)

Go to the Food Store just north of the Port Sarim Jail where Wydin is located:

  1. Buy 3 pots of flour, tomatoes, and bananas.
  2. Hop worlds and repeat until your inventory is full.
  3. Walk to the deposit box near the monks of Entrana and deposit everything except your coins.
  4. Run back to Wydin and repeat.

Sell the items on the GE to profit.

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