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4,350 per instance
Buying ore from Ordan
Profit per instanceBlast Furnace.png
Activity time
60 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
1.1 minutes
Effective profit
4,350 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
NoneStarted The Giant Dwarf
Item requirementsOther requirements
Experience gainedLocation
NoneKeldagrim Blast Furnace
Inputs (110,200)Outputs (114,550)
110,200 × Coins 100.png Coins (110,200)1,450 × Iron ore.png Iron ore (114,550)
Ordan runs the Ore Seller shop at the Blast Furnace and sells low-tier ore, specifically iron ore, at a much cheaper rate than players do especially when his stock is above 50. Players can profit from buying ores from him when Grand Exchange prices are high, but they must have started The Giant Dwarf to get to Keldagrim and the Blast Furnace.

It is recommended to use the market price as a hallmark. If the GE price is higher than 76 coins, which is Ordan's ending price when his stock reaches zero, then players should buy him out and switch worlds.

At full stock, which is 100 ores max, Ordan's starting price on iron ore is 25 coins, but it goes into the 50s when his stock is at half. Thus, his selling price ranges from 25 to 76 coins whereas the GE price is currently at 79. Again, if the GE price is higher than Ordan's price, it's worth it to keep buying from him until price equilibrium is met.

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